A autumn afternoon always makes a kind of sense of cool, though at this time I sat in the center of the most exclusive cafes, Heating quarto, can still feel the cold outside, so I cold hands and feet.  Drank mocha, full-bodied flavor in the mouth Man, I can not help but heart sigh: indeed the high-level goods.  I look at the woman sitting across from me a long time not speak, anxious, asked: I do not know Miss Lin satisfied with our boss out of the full price?  I did not answer, still looking down a cup of coffee, how should I say, poor students like me is simply can not afford such a high-level cafe, estimated life can not.So now I was going to enjoy the feeling of sitting in the cafe drinking coffee Senior.  She called yet again, Ms. Lin Road.  I put down the coffee looked at her, sneered: Secretary Liu you still do not understand what I mean.?It is not a question of price, I’ve said many times, I will not sell you the ancestral home.  A month ago, the opposite of the woman called me and said his company knows of my ancestral home is very interested, so I want to buy high-priced, I was flatly refused, but the boss is still tightly wrapped around me and hold out the price every time high, even more than the price of my own ancestral home, I was thinking, her boss is not crazy?  In fact, my grandmother left me the house put it mildly called ancestral home, that ugly point is not that what a break it house?Leaking rain, wind and time and can not wind, at best, a long time span point it looks like from my great-grandfather was the beginning of my life my family lived there, but then their children have their own development, so gradually move out of that room ancestral home, the grandmother finally left, it was only one person only.  In fact, I was surprised, obviously in my ancestral home on the hillside, sparsely populated, inaccessible, very few people know where there are two other people, and her boss is how to know?  It makes me feel more uneasy Yes, you read right, I’m talking about two people, one of them is my grandmother’s house, while another is my childhood best friend Su Xiaoxiao grandmother.  Her grandmother is connected with my family ancestral home.I do not know, and she was not destined, a small dead father and mother, and grandmother grew up with, and the other were abandoned by their parents, grandmother to live with under one roof.In this way, she and I lived together twenty years, went to school together, play together, to this day, I still Su Xiaoxiao and at the same university, the same system, the same bedroom, living together.  This would also like Liu secretary what to say, but I was adamant to see, finally gave up, finally asked: does that mean that Miss Su?  She will not sell you the boss.I answered.  Is that right?Secretary Liu’s eyes filled with distrust, I doubt she lied about her.  I shrugged indifferently, and said: Believe it or not that’s your thing, you could call to ask what she meant.I then stop here, but not.Then, I picked up the backpack ready to leave.  Liu secretary on me: as I drove Miss Lin go to school.?  I turned to smile: No, yes, thank you boss’s coffee.Then I strolled out of the cafe door.  After a good walk a few blocks, I looked around to determine secretary Liu did not come back with me to come up with a package of phone calls to the Su Xiaoxiao.  Toot toot rejected her yet?Su Xiaoxiao a turn on the phone quickly asked.  I chuckled and replied: ah, I think the future she will not haunt us let’s ancestral home to sell her boss.  In fact, it Xiaoxiao hesitate road at the other end of the phone, in fact, he was out of the price is still high, but the price that you and I will never earn less than I heard her say, furious, on the phone in the she shouted: I tell you, if you dare to sell the ancestral home, I will not let you, you can not forget, you and I are in the same boat, you want to tip the boat over, in the end, me and you who survive!  Su Xiaoxiao seemed to feel my anger, quickly corrected himself and said: Yu month ah, I did not mean it that you do not get angry, I do not sell, the ancestral home is killing me I would not sell, you worry.  Eventually, after she made countless swear that I hang up the phone.  Ancestral home can not sell and must not sell, I can not, nor can Xiaoxiao, that among the two connected with my ancestral home, and her greatest secret, the greatest secret in this life.