Do four things men will never derailed, how to prevent men in marriage will not derail it?Together under the understanding of it。 1, make a phone call to her mother, to seek some good advice, although you and her mother did not live together, but law relationship is also crucial to your future life。 Smart you will not turn a deaf ear to our proposal.You can ask her what life may encounter problems in the future, you can also learn her signature dish, maybe you do not need her advice, but in any case give her a call, chat。
In this way, she will feel that you respect her, and because you have sorted her as part of your future home and feel at home!2, thank you help those planning a wedding of a friend at the wedding of your relatives and friends as you share those solutions of labor, for you to entertain guests, to help you coordinate the vehicle……So you can concentrate on, to be a beautiful happy bride。 Honeymoon back, send them a thank, with the most sincere way to express your gratitude for their love。 Thank them for doing everything for your wedding, tell them that without their help, your wedding will be a mess, and the purchase of honeymoon small gift mailed to them。 Of course, in time to help them take care of their children or pets, but also a good way to win the hearts。