A month is not enough to step into the campus, the school was empty, a few small birds foraging on the road next to the school building until I approached, they flew to a tree fluttering wings, still grumble twitter from a branch head jump to another branch, are constantly, as if looking at a extraterrestrial.  Small birds selfless yet?Forget this day I have walked?  Wind blowing, blowing my Qunjiao, also blowing leaves scattered on the ground, walking among them, lonely abnormal.  Boring meeting, as well as theme repeated countless times, people want to escape.Finally the adjournment, and came to the office.Blowing dust atmosphere, spider plant table, because long-lost water, whole leaf droop, leaf white, lethargic look.I rushed to spider plants watering, hoping it would survive, but also believe that it will come to life.  After finishing her desk, opened a drawer and found a small Sichuan left me a letter, write it down in my lectures recorded on this page, or the familiar words, writhing font, dense climb a full one.  I did not look, did not dare to look, afraid of their own tears.  Calendar on the table, on June 8 that day, a small Sichuan sentence: I go, I’ll be back to see you.And Wang Qianmian rolled, almost on every page of her message: “I remember to take medicine ah,” “give you some tea,” “Do not forget the evening meeting.” “You’re late again.” .Tears finally flowed to flow out.  Little Sichuan gone, then, no one will take the initiative to help me get in front of my class lesson plans, textbooks take, take the cup; no one would like a kitten, sticking me every day, he ran after me; no one called me old woman, old witch; I hate no one secretly stuffed candy forced me to eat; no one in my late secretly helped me sign up; no one has given me Chuibei, a teapot; nobody called me every day dressed like a country girl loud; no one forced me to listen to my song almost did not understand a foreign language.I do not understand why he is so sad, so why could not bear my students.I talk about the importance students everywhere, but why not put just a small Sichuan?  Little Sichuan is a high-semester only to my class, teach the book so many years, I had no passion for teaching, the student’s name I almost yell, I often come to the classroom and headed for class, the class will go, students my eyes, just a student, I do not want to have too much contact with them, and because they are more reluctant to get too close, but lost the teacher should majesty.  Little Sichuan high moment of not very active, she sat in the corner, never raised his hand in class before, I hardly know her presence.But her name “Zhang Jia Chuan” I’d have the impression, because, every time the score-sheet language examinations, the name behind the scores are high.  Once in class, I suddenly remembered the name, they say one thing: Who is Zhang Jia Chuan?  Four by the window of a student stood up slowly, head down, do not speak.I went over and patted her head: “good grades.”In fact, after class, I was right again forget her, even her looks nor see, just know that this child like a tomboy, keep a very short boy head, a neutral dress.  When she was on the eleventh grade, I often leave because of poor health.Often less than ten days half the school, the class of this class is the teacher with one, the teacher helped a.After finally come back to work, one day at a small Sichuan came in my class, said to me: “Teacher poor health?”” Out of the way, will not die.”I smiled.  ”Teacher, what do you know me?”I know what to say, because I did forget her name.She saw me unable to speak, simply said: “I called Zhang Jia Chuan, you have to remember ah.”After that, she would often come to my office the next class, talk to me.I finished the class, hoping to quietly, however, but a small Sichuan regardless of whether a class would be.Came he said: “Teacher, I’ll give you pour water to drink.”Class ten minutes, she was next to me, I say something silly, then, asked me if I know Han ah, ah like it or not play online games, or tell my class who is and who fight ah.I start some trouble, she thought, this child never speak in class, how many words it after class?  A long time, she would look totally put me as a friend, even though I still treat her as a student.There are world class, she was given a free hand to take over my phone, my phone will exist in her cell phone number, I asked: “My phone has unlock password, how do you know?”” Haha, when you open the phone, I was peeping into the.”After that, she would occasionally send me information, where information call me ‘old woman’ ‘silly pig’, she called me to see, I am a little unhappy, because there has never acted so students in front of me presumptuous.I wrote back to her, to be polite to the teacher, not the teacher when their classmates to see, but she remains unchanged, Once put fake months back, she brought a small toy, push to my desk and said: “Guess I guess what it is?”” This is the giraffe neck is too short, the point of it.”” This is just stupid giraffe, just like you.give you!This is my own pocket money to buy ah.”To see her innocent look, I began to love this child.Later, I asked her why I am always here to run, she said: “You get sick, and went a good friend, a man I think you must be very lonely, so talk with you.”Yes ah, people are afraid of lonely, since her daughter to college, a friend Reiko and Ronger and leaving school, I often feel lonely, not just this child, why I like another daughter?  Little Sichuan since I became really close friends, senior year, she became a representative of Language, there are more opportunities to be with me, I also study hall early the next school, she helped me to bubble tea good; to help school I take books, take a microphone; multi-third year exams, she was afraid I change the volume difficult, often take advantage of my absence to help me change the choice and dictation out in advance; at night if I going to night classes to the school, she and her classmates will at the school gate waiting for me, then took me to the campus to see at night; tell me distressed on learning of her; I will give her to sing good songs in my troubles.Gradually, I got used to her every day to my office, I used to stay with her.  A month before the college entrance examination, I was afraid of her office all day to run affect her learning, I would not let her come to the office, still in the classroom in front of other students’ learning is not hard to criticize her, she looked kind of hurt, and I do not for several days speak, even though I went to her front seat and talk to her, she ignored my little childish camel.But a few days later, she was secretly in my absence, put a few in my drawer sugar, a few biscuits, or on my desk to write the sentence: I am careful to report you to the late president!  Such a well-behaved child, that I do not like how?How can I forget the call?  Sitting in the library, I have been immersed in sorrow.Husband walked into the parlor, and handed me my phone, said: Sichuan small micro letter to you.  ”Ha ha ha, I was in Shanghai.Typhoon, well cool!”” Today the teacher to go to school, see your letter, want to cry.”” Meme da, do not cry, I did not hang.”Little Sichuan made a grimace.  See her this sentence, I finally smiled.Typhoon Chan Hung came, Shanghai has a feeling; Little Sichuan is it not a burst of cool summer breeze?