Once I came out from the campus and now I’m back in this sacred place where the mood is what really excited to face the day of innocent children sound and laughter long I stood solemn place flowers flourished to open Oh, the excitement is so excited What gradually moistened eyes this is not the place I work I do not belong to this campus, but she was with me a long time to stand my blood of the same standing in the world of fragrance I am a passer pace campus is always busy rush but I am glad and I do not regret that because, after all, she walked into the campus is no longer just my post is no longer just the end of me she is my eternal life she is my new starting point once out of school and is now back to campus from a rough big turn any loss hungry soul circle of life I will relentlessly hone campus opened her gentle embrace gently hold me laugh once had a childhood of eager teenage girls had greed in your arms and now I’m willing to be a campus only silkworms or rain or dew ballad mind is Yin song “Big tree”, “grew up I became you” dream weaving substantial pace fly Fulcrum miracle base oh, oh campus, campus Are you a teacher of the stage is the real joy of devotees who are quietly pay the cradle of blossoms marching Chaoyang stepping away and busy street full of late is a comforting Oh, listen to it being played on campus beautiful tune – its theme is youth without any regrets