Train gallop in the night, my neighbor is a pair of old have been wearing the clothes do not see the true nature of middle-aged men and women, a woman eating bread, man nibbling the seeds.After eating a bread, a woman lying on the table dozed off, a man quietly watching her, followed by a one to nibbling the seeds, seems to be full of feelings.    Suddenly, the woman jumped up, while loudly singing while dancing.Man quickly pulled her hand, led her to a seat on the press, while quietly advised her: Knock, Knock, influence others to rest.Take your hands off me, I do not want you tube!Woman angry staring eyes, pushes the man.Listen to me, good fast ride.Men also advised her to whisper.You try to stop me, I jumped off the!Women somehow tears, said as he walked to the door of the compartment.Arguing alerted the crew, the crew ran over to ask: how is it, how is it?    All right, all right, she suffered a relapse.Man rubbing his hands, embarrassed, explained.At this time, a passenger on the flight attendant said quietly: I think they got on the wrong child, the young man is northern accent, a woman’s Sichuan accent, could traffickers turn this woman right?    Thus, the marshals quickly came over, man flashed ID cards explained: I Xingtai, a worker in a factory.Introduced 18 years ago, she married her.Later, she got hysterical, in order for her to see a doctor, almost spent all the family money.Last month, she should not have to return home to visit relatives in Sichuan, I was afraid she lost fall ill, only to follow her.    After the marshals to leave, the woman slowly quiet down, then lying on the table playing a nap.Distressed man looked at her and said to the people around him: she does not fall ill, very capable, thanks to the family of a man she cultivated fields.    Night has been deep.Men make women sleep on the seat, got his own shop two newspapers under the seat, with a large bottle of mineral water as a pillow, lay down, quickly issued a uniform snoring.The air conditioning kept the car stood a breath, the woman woke up frozen.After seeing a man lying on the ground, thin clothes, she stood on the seat, struggling to remove a bag from the luggage rack, turn west looking east for a while, remove the two cloth coat, gently cover in men and carefully tucked.    At dawn, the crew began to push the dining car selling breakfast.A man asked a woman: not hungry?Woman nodded.The man took out 10 dollars to buy a copy from his pocket, a woman stopped, unhappy to say: Do not buy expensive, we have money at home?    The man said: you’re hungry, do not be afraid to spend money to eat.Woman firmly waved, he said: I would not hungry.    Bowl!Bowl!3 dollars a bowl, two bowls of five dollars.When the noodles to be sold through hawkers, men insisted on buying a bowl, carefully with boiling water, placed in front of a woman.Women also welcome, very fragrant to eat up.Men continue nibbling his seeds, to see her eat.    The woman said, ask a man: you are not hungry?Men firmly shook his head.After the woman had finished, he plans to push into the bowl in front of a man, let him throw away.Man picked up the bowl looked at the rest of the soup a little drained.    After the train pulls into a major stations, stopped.The woman said, the car nausea, 想出去走走.The man asked thousands exhorted million: car door stood there, not far away.Woman nodded.A few minutes later, the woman came back, the hands of more than a paper bag and a bottle of beer.She put things into place in front of a man gently, softly said: eat fast, all day and night, I know you’re hungry..Man’s eyes, and instantly become moist.He silently out into the hands under the table, a woman quietly clenched pair of rough hands full of dirt.