During his tenure as assistant minister of Rites Zeng, he opened a lecture specifically about jurisprudence.Regardless of the capital in the Manchu Han officials or dignitaries, are attracted to go to lectures, among them Li.Zeng admire him very often to say: This man eventually Cheng Kung University, is a pillar of.But when he was in the Imperial Academy Shuji Shi Li luck is not very good, every time the emperor was to be crowded memorial, which makes him very depressed heart.I heard Zeng Hunan to take leave, he immediately wanted to go over.At that time the court attaches great importance to the construction of the army, and only in the army, have a chance to develop.Besides, Zeng is their teacher, they go to him, certainly can not go wrong.That day, a lot of well-groomed Li, Zeng went Meet.After the post handed him, the officers led him to a room then, had told the adults in feet, let him wait.The other on the other two hour, when the nest is Li belly full of fire, timely servants come, this time led him straight in the room door.Li took one step to go, I saw Zeng holding a book, sitting very relaxed in a chair in front of the basin of steaming positive.He no little courtesy, without looking up, looking down the side feet, side coldly: Sit down.Li is also the size of the DPRK officials, I have never received such a cold reception.He finally could not suppress anger, he asked out loud: I told you in a previous runner feet, I waited a long time, how not washing your feet?Zeng is not mad, slowly replied: Bai Xue’s feet, the feet is the health event, riddled with interference, a wash of.Li was furious, What is this nonsense?Meet me there are important matters to discuss, but not to hear you speak Chinese medicine.His face turned purple, then only pending at the door of the servants all laughed.The smile, let Li did not feel more face, so he stood up and angrily walked away.Zeng does not retain, said something young and fit, how to do things, then laughed.Listening to the shrill laughter, Li shame and gas, could not wait to go back to Tseng’s Footbath overturned.He forced back the anger, strode out the door, vowed never to meet this place again.When rode up to the bridge, Suddenly he heard behind him a loud cry: Brothers walking.Looked back and saw his old classmate Cheng Xueqi on horseback, is smiling at him.Cheng Xueqi an opening to tell him in the count Zeng, Cheng Xueqi said: teacher said you only as big as the sea, but unfortunately the edge too exposed, if they can get rid of this trouble, you will be an all-rounder.Teachers snub you, so that you wake up, this is not, he let me come to you Telling your family.Li heard here, was both shocked and ashamed, I never realized that narrowly on their own character, but did not think the teacher could even well-intentioned, to come up with such an approach.So he rode back and Cheng Xueqi, Meet the teacher.I saw Zeng dress standing on the path to greet them, smiling, as if with a new person previously.Li Zeng Why should it face to face humiliation?He had a famous saying: filter important than talent, talented person by the people, who have a tolerance to the employer.Zeng know that Li is a talent, but he was always tall and fit, let him become a pillar of character must be accessible round.So, by the neglect Zeng start, always honing his.Let Li to participate in a major event, the ability to exercise his decision; and articulate people in the debate, the convergence of its spirit; he was eating with the method of all persons, etc., to force him to get rid of bed early evening to problems; several times in front of witnesses face problems such as criticism of his boast.In painstaking Zeng, Li’s ideas, personality and habits have greatly changed.For the rebellious who can not make regular motivate him to their senses, only touch the soul, he can realize his own shortcomings.