Weekend himself and his fit of anger, full sleep all day to get up from bed.Walkman opened a night, but I have always been a state of semi-sleep, they have tried my heart in the end is not clear what happened.Sleep well, little urge to cry, but also seems to vent.Tears burst each time I always made one of us like ghosts like ghosts.My dorm mates are afraid of me.But I feel better than I did them a man hiding in the toilet crying earth-shattering well!  Friday, when the dream child to school to see me, saying that someone else with a gift.Turned out to be the guy outside the hospital sent me a Christmas present, he chased me for a long time, I had never promised him.I came from outside the hospital Eurasia, turned a school, but he did not give up, I just transferred that for a while, he called me every day, say with me, I did not promise him, he cried.Students say that he is good to me, so I gave him a chance, I gave him, but in the end I did not allow myself to like him, so break.From the time he was depressed for a while, he wrote to me and said how bad he was, said he did not blame me!He said he will not give up!I was not at all impressed.Eurasian he came to see me, even if he was standing downstairs quarters, I did not go down too.I just told him something!Sometimes the students outside the hospital to call me, talking about him, they always let me give him a chance.I always say no!Because I do not want to own grievances, although people say I find a love, it is better to find a love me!But I just do not like!Christmas he did not forget to send me a gift, it is a very beautiful necklace, thin chain hanging below a big diamond.But how about the chain saw I was not happy, but my heart is heavy.Always feel owe something something like.Give up the friends said: “He hello to you than he!”I bow to no words.Just for this mood is not good!Not because I owe him, which I was used to it.Why did not he send me a necklace!Why do I want to get something happens, something I do not want to have the whole!I want not a gift, it is a token!  feeling very tired.I do not want to say a word.Shuisi really want in a dorm!12:00 have been more, but I did not mean to get up, listening to track Jay, could not help the tears streaming down the face down, the tears I miss you taste.You seem to face my tears do not want money.Dream child two days to call me, always gave me crying, saying that I hurt her..She said her tears in front of me, not money.She fell better than me, give me want to cry cry, want to scold me, give me a call, I would like to find complaining.what about me?Even if I could not find people cry.Oh poor me.  Maybe I do not know what this person never meet the right!Want too much, the reality is often disappointing.I can do now only has to seize now have, is not let it slip away.