I had been fascinated by two sentences.The first sentence of his brother from the American writer Isaac Singh, he said: obsolete views always, and the fact will never be obsolete.The second sentence from the mouth of an ancient Greek: the fate of view is more accurate than we.I have a friend, a young man studying Western philosophy, now a successful businessman.He has a very interesting observation, he said: My brain is like a pond, someone else’s book is like a stone; stone thrown into a pond sparked a wave, and not provoke stones.Finally, he said: So knowledge of others pretend to be more in my mind, as others, it will not be my.Milan Kundera in his “Xiao Wangshu”, let a professor of philosophy say this sentence: Since James Joyce, we already know we live in the greatest adventure that this adventure does not exist sentence is very popular, and became a French novel of the frontispiece inscription.The views expressed by these words and sentences as its sleek, its advantage is the ability to let people know what to do against it, also let people know what’s it.Over the years, I always trust this is the case, and they see themselves as a member of.I know what a writer needs, as Dante said: I like the suspect as much certainty.I have been writing history for 15 years, I know it did not last long, I would say that writing can change a person, especially good at fictional narrative of people.Writer writing a long time, make yourself to become more and more weak, timid and hesitant; those shortcomings was supposed to overcome everything with me often, and people celebrate the resolute, determined and brave can only in my fictional renderings.I thought the training step by step pushed to the deep suspicion among, so I gradually lose the ability to reason, to make my ideas become shy and afraid to speak; but on the other hand is the ability to grow, I was able to know exactly the sound and attitude of its rolling when a button fell to the ground, but for me, it is much more than a president dies important.