SAR Government Secretary for Development Paul Chan 6 published article about the fall of Hong Kong-related sites and buildings, Bing refers to relive this history of Hong Kong, Bing insisted continuation of ethnic hatred, but to remember history, cherish the hard-won peace, Bing and to self-improvement。
  The same day, Paul Chan was published in his blog entitled "remember history, cherish peace," the article。
He said that for young people living in Hong Kong today, the war seemed distant and unfamiliar things, but for the Japanese invasion of China experienced people and veterans, today to tell from the situation during the fall is still often conceal his pain。
  "In our market in the city, there are still many remains of this history and architecture and related stood silent, silent tell history。 "Paul Chan introduced the Hong Kong Island Wong Nai Chung Gap military sites。   He said that in December 1941 the Japanese bombed Kai Tak airport Bing first to cross the river south of the invasion in the New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories fall in succession, only the defenders retreated to Hong Kong Island。
After Japanese troops landed in Hong Kong Island, North Point, Quarry Bay and the Pacific, and defenders fierce fighting, the worst of which is a Wan Chai Wong Nai Chung Gap battle, more than half of the defenders died a heroic death。
  "Today we can still see the brick was used as the headquarters of the house and bunker positions, the local government has also set up a military heritage trail, so that we pay tribute to this history。 "Said Paul Chan。   He pointed out that after the fall of Hong Kong, a number of defenders and civilians were captured were held to Stanley, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the Sham Shui Po Argyle Street and other places of concentration camp。
Which Stanley detention camp itself is located in the local St. Stephen's College and adjacent to Stanley Prison guards quarters, about 3,000 people detained during the Japanese occupation。
  Paul Chan, said today, St. Stephen's College chapel above the door of stained glass, depicting the situation of the former concentration camp。   In addition, Paul Chan said that the composition of the guerrillas guarding the home of Hong Kong Independent Battalion of the Dongjiang Column New Territories as a base, then announced the establishment of the place, is the Sai Wong Mo Ying Rose Chapel。
The Japanese have a small hall with cruelty to people to extract confessions in the rose, but still can not get the message guerrillas, the last to leave the village looted。   He added that a similar incident also forced confessions Tai Wu Kau Tang happen, a number of villagers for refusing to disclose information was tortured to death after the war in Wu Kau Tang hillside villagers erected a monument in memory of the martyrs; then move the monument, recently State Council included in the national war memorial facilities, site directory。   "We can to these locations, cherish the memory of martyrs, Bing learn from history together, think about the future。 "Paul Chan said at last。