Cuckoo sound, early morning rain still lingering.Pattering eastern Yunnan rainy season, although there is no clear Guiyang three days without pomp, but to me this man from the drier parts of which have been odd for it.    No class day total Jiaoren lazy, especially in the rain swirling in the season.Morning, leisurely sat in the window, listening to the sound of rain fall, as if the rain wizard, gently step on the gravel road, leaving if the absence of footprints, gentle prostrate on the needle-like leaves, glistening in the above dancing, and sometimes really worried about her falling instability on the tip, fall.However, I worry too much is redundant, because it is after all her life, she did not know me, I do not know her.Each well, like walking with their.    Looking out the wet world, I suddenly asked myself “This is the beginning of the rain, when” I agonized over telling myself, “hey do not know, it should be almost a month, hoping to quickly sunny ah!This weather really makes people Mende Huang, hey.”This idea surprised me!Nightlife Network I remember I was like ah rainy season, especially at home, every rainy day, our family will stop all outdoor activities, watching do not know how many times read “Journey to the West”, and then sitting around the fire cage this time my father would make me get peanuts, seeds or beans to fry, while eating fried, I remember my father always love to tease my mother, smiled and said: “the old woman, you try to see, not cooked?”After my mother took, back eccentric father said:” The good old head, which is very familiar na!”My brother and I’m curious, what is a pot of fried peanuts, my mother would say, and asked parents to eat the kind of peanuts, then smile after just shot my father’s thigh, he said:” I’ll give you a mom peanut shells it!”Sometimes I think our family is her mother’s ‘little stooge’.After eat something, my mother would mend clothes, the clothes are finishing a person over and over, then we also do not see Journey to the West, not Chi Guazi, but standing next to old sewing machines Phoenix, looked at the mother not a busy stop listening to the creak of the sewing machine smile.Then at any time pending orders, my brother and good vision, waiting for my mother go-between life we find something, my dad only sat through the next.But my dad at this time may feel left out of it, he said my mother did not play well, his mother would play better than her mother, my mother let my father let me get open, and my father face is not red does not jump up and fiddle, he step up the foot will not move, I do not know to put that hand.We looked at my father, laughing Zhibuqiyao.Dad saw this situation, smiled and said: “The old woman, for fear that something bad is it, do not step on the move.Also, today I am a little so not on the air, we should always, I will.”In fact, we all know, maybe just to funny, did not say break it.We also do not want to do “little attendant,” when we do not follow in my mother do a thing with her picking tea, which we’ll get a drowsy, then quickly went to bed together.Sometimes you can not escape on the last bite the bullet, but picked up a while to really not get on, feeling dizzy.In this case, the father and brother rushed to sleep, but I’m afraid my mother called me, did not dare to go, and she has been picking up, I remember one time picking picking up and fell asleep on tea.Only a mother smiling mouth seemed to continue, what does it do for you happy?    Trail of fresh morning breeze accompanied by rain, accompanied by bursts of fragrant flowers and grass, slowly walking in the wet.I heard the cuckoo’s call, accompanied by the slightest rain, melody, do not have some beautiful my heart, so I think it can not return to yesterday’s rainy season.Then joy filled my body, I feel the moment there are lengthy rainy season charm.    Rain slow way — let me, let me alone, let me think.Cuckoo sound, the beauty of the rainy season wake up, wake up the sleeping situation.I know that the dawn of the cuckoo with my memory of Dawn.