Morning, ocean, mist Mi Mongolia, golden sprinkle Man, Crest Hill like a rack in the golden vapor, serene and comfortable to enjoy gentle comfort.Fresh sea breeze, blowing head, brushed the cheek, Heart Plaza God Dang.    Quietly sea floor standing, three hundred fragrant taste of clear chrysanthemum tea and enjoy the early morning Wenxin Jing Ya, tea Qinxiang context through the whole body, floating into the perception of nerves, the brain send Wei-Wei Yi to draw clear, if the whole person bathed in the fragrance-filled atmosphere, feeling the prolonged forget the rural wind, nostalgia, the nostalgia, the ear seems to be flowing cordial accent, township music, township pregnant, recalling the years hides the loss of enlightenment, income, the loss.    This “three hundred fragrant” clear chrysanthemum tea, but domestic production of tea at home, across the sea to Japan’s gift.A foreign country, such a comfort to the heart of the gift made me excited, and feel at home, are like the feel of the warm bosom of the motherland An Shuxin An real, from the heart of Hong chewing intoxicating sense of felt.    Homesickness thick, motherland, great mother, your prosperity and prosperity, Wen Wan Bohuai, is warm traces wandering lonely heart.  Cup of tea, returning to the village, with its aromatic fen put village rhyme, to really convey the motherland and loving feelings.  Cup of tea returning to the village, with its rural wind on a clear cold Aung, who inspired the End of the World wanderer brave fighting morale.    Thick, rice or home or the home of fragrant tea, the situation is still longing for the nostalgia.  The imagination, this fragrant three hundred years, what will be the Lake of Scented Souls, in turn how people swing soul leisurely swim three hundred years, and how these ethereal soul fragrant, long history.If Qiannianzhilian also Wan, Hong Yuan BES.The world of love, and as these three hundred fragrant rhyme, Yingying Chao Chao, Piao Miao Miao misty, stream world one hundred Fang.    Cup of tea, returning to the village, recalling Half a life, although the shape to move throughout the shift, but eternal nostalgia.  Cup of tea returning to the village, how many children people infatuation West Side, love brew fragrant, lingering Spring Night.  Cup of tea, returning to the village, think years of life, fame and success, what waves travel from the ups and downs.  Cup of tea returning to the village, knead to make their love, emotions lingering, lingering fragrance sleeve dark morning.    Township tea, long finish, wear the star wearing a month, Trespa Wanlv, Xiangpiao I, fragrant centuries.  Sea, the waves Morrowind, orange-hui matched, strands of tea, Suifeng Wu Dang, plug in the thoughts beautiful wings across the ocean, flying over the mountains, the nostalgia mind reading.Cup of tea returning to the village, Yu Yu Xianghuai, trickling Xiang Lian, Best Acacia, three hundred fragrant.