When seen for many years, students Amin has become a senior reporter of a newspaper, and asked the secret of his success, he said with a smile, in fact, not what I write life is a curve.    After graduating from the University of Amin, assigned to a newspaper, report of the day, leading him to start from the most simple news, let him run meteorological information, he said there most out of the news, good and easy to do, little brains.    Interviews with weather information, that is, the daily weather forecast, began to run, he also secretly pleased that this good job both easy and simple, often did not go out, the manuscript had been written, there is a slight error it up and down temperature.    Can over time, Amin on its hands, so that every day, just a waste of their youth, looking for a few leadership did not reflect the following, so he was very upset, that can not display their talent.    Encounter frustrating thing, he is like a man quietly walked to the suburbs, I remember that day is a snow day, even though he was trying to go straight forward, but he left behind is crooked curve, remember he did not understand very.    He came back the first thing to do is to look up, what curve parameters as a function of line physics, chemistry, statistics and other processes in the plane indicated this is the real curve.    Weather forecast result is very simple, based on calculable is very complex, although there is a difference of a few degrees every day, but factors are involved in all aspects, he had an inspiration, why not curve way to report Weather Forecast.    In this way, despite the daily temperature and humidity are similar, but he always are plotted to reports from temperature changes over the years to change the main factors, from the warm day dress to how to prevent abnormal weather, general weather forecast give him new ideas to make the column became the most popular section of Metropolis.    Naturally, inspired opened, press start to become handy, what problems to his hand, always make a unique news to others not dig the story, talk about the affair impervious to his hands, both have become innovative impact, not only the desired layout also very popular with readers.    Usually, each of us are eager to succeed, are hoping to find a shortcut to success, but the results are often counterproductive, it seems, we are to succeed, perhaps, with the curve would be easier than some of the straight line.