Tung Tau village there is a river, it is called white Irrigation.But not its originator, nor know the ultimate, but all year long, day and night, quietly flowing.No rough time, that rare wild waves tumbling, always level as a mirror, occasionally the wind set off some folds.    Curved bridge above a river, not like the majestic Bridge of Nanjing, nor beautiful arch bridge of Suzhou, a little history of the Marco Polo Bridge, but not as romantic West Lake, Broken Bridge.Is such a little-known small bridge, often appears in my dreams, romance gently struck a chord, is flute, also accent.Twists and turns down the river is left behind when the Moon long belt is tied ribbon bridges at the center.She looked on both sides of the terraces, well-behaved lying river gentle embrace.Early in the morning, she heard the whisper of swallows, slowly open your eyes, the sky lit up red her face, then immediately full of energy, every pedestrian Xiaoying.Night, she bathed in moonlight, staring into the distance, until the last one back disappeared, she patted the dust, shallow sleep.    Spring, small villages hidden in the flowers, without a trace, inadvertently exposed winks, as if embedded in the painted emerald; summer, bridges scattered among lush greenery, to be aerobic respiration, go back, it would be deep in the woods drinking tea quartzite; fall, bridges grabbed thousands of fallen leaves, if for clothes, walked the split step, is standing on the ridge singing girl; winter, bridges owned the flying snow in my arms, thin care, passionate kiss, kiss kiss, actually melted ice cold.    Lovely bridge full of memories of my childhood.Each summer evening, I will stand barefoot and partners around the bridge, back against the stone pillars buried in the bottom, frolicking.The tall stone pillars father solid arm, looked innocent face, the father is using his hands to block the scorching sun I.How many rainy days, I hid in the cave, enjoy a leisurely fishing, while enjoying the misty landscapes.Cave is a small bridge in the stomach, but also the cradle of grandmother.I often sat in the bridge, waiting for the mother returned from the market, I often stepping spray, overlooking the near future.I stroked the bridge every inch of skin, but also travels to bridge all of the bones.    The bridge is a quiet witness to the changing times.Camel from the initial tingle, pole nodding to cry later bicycle, motorcycle whistling, car horns beep and then to today, are slowly along the pulse of the bridge and over.The village people to go out, people outside the village came in, strings of footprints, strings of beads of sweat fell away in their bright smile.Baskets of fruit, piles of cloth on the bridge intersection, circulation.Bridges shoulder with hope for the future, we hold a fisherman’s selling, but also provoked a colorful tomorrow.    Amorous pedestrian bridge interleaving different mood.Whenever married wedding car after the bridge, it will be beautiful bride and the loud sound of firecrackers shed candy and coins.Bridge brimming with happiness, sent best regards with the most beautiful smile; whenever funeral team passing the bridge, sad suona, loved ones are crying over and over again into the bridge Requiem, quietly , quietly soothe the souls; every time out studies of students waved back to the bridge, the bridge will soulful gazing at them.There are three points clear eye dismay, seven wishes; old age and the elderly whenever returning from distant places, the bridge will be open arms, warm hug them, a look, spoken three times, will be able to comfort the weary soul.    Oh curved bridge!Do you know?I praise you many times!I say you are a woman hidden in a cinnabar mole between the eyebrows, smiling, fascinating and charming; I say you are a tie Acacia word literati, and washed away powder, Qingli elegant; I say you are a painter accidentally knocked pigments, condensed into the most dazzling jewelry.    Dream bridge it!Why are you always so young and?Time did not leave any marks on your face, because you do all day immersed in a small river?But jade Guanyin Jingping dew fairy Creek.After a hundred years of the seasons change, you should have white-haired, or why such a strong build, because you do have a broad mind?It can be installed inside all inclusive.    Beautiful bridges ah!You are my emotional ties to their homes in a string, the string is a string Nostalgia; you are my cherished butterflies, even flying over a long and arduous journey, but also could not fly my heart; you are my solution is not tied to the waist open a link, it is a quiet village, one is the outside world.    Hometown bridges ah!I put you say it, keep that in mind smb, crumple in a dream.Enchanting bridges ah!I would also like to put the most simple song dedicated to you: bridge curved, bent endless feelingly.    Passage of time, You endless joy again and again.