Part one: curved moon that night when you go round, crescent moon hanging in the sky, like a curved boat, sailing in the sky, the sky full of stars, Cheng Zhaofeng wings, travel in the universe space.You’re like a tomboy childhood, feisty greater courage, a lot of boys are afraid of you, did not dare touch you, people girls play hopscotch, throwing pockets, embroidered flowers and a what, but you and the boys play , catch birds, fishing, climbing, tree.Who can not see you as brave thin, and strong boys.  Twenty at home just after you come out, make their own business, at the time you earn a lot of money, married a man eight years older than you, the parents do not agree, but you have bent, it is because of this man in your busiest time, always care about you, care for you, you moved.  You’ve been married and forth from dawn to dusk, and efficiency is good but a lot of relations unit, press the up or else you a lot of money, then you have a child, and had to rest for some time, a stop that for three years, gave birth to a beautiful daughter.Money should not come outside, another child, the day began strapped up, you have to wait on children, but also four to account, to the neglect of her husband, began to quarrel often, noisy more.Heart tired, broke up only peace, but also to eat a meal together farewell dinner.Two people were in tears, the children go with you, but also a woman with a child, but also to do their own careers, to feed themselves and their children, really hard.  Children are very young, children Chi Lingzui see people, watching their children, that eager eyes, you secretly tears.Children are very obedient and you never ask for money, sometimes you see the tears, the child also quietly pulling your clothes say, “Mom, do not cry, I will listen to you, do not want anything, I do not like to eat those things really, mom…..”Strong you could not restrain yourself, pick up the child burst into a good cry, cry cry, how much bitterness, how helpless, how much frustration, how many difficulties carry their own, you still crying after the strong, aggressive, optimistic.  The children throw friends, neighbors, relatives, help keep an eye out on my own truck sports car, desperate to make money, so that my children will lead not worse than others, the best schools, with the best thing.Seeking only to make money, ignoring the education of children, often results back, not saying a word to anyone, you can not just stop and learn together with their children, making up together, with love warm the hearts of children closed, a With little kids smile, with the words, the results are slowly catching up, after six months also became the squad leader.Children good grades, age is bigger, and you and the child said, my mother had to earn money to feed the two of us ah, the children nod.  You boarded the aircraft away, went to a foreign country, you go that night, curved moon, hanging in the trees, you say wait until the moon round when he came back, so that your daughter always hope , waiting, when you want to look at the moon, when the moon hung in the sky can be round?You will be back soon.    Part II: curved moon moon curved, but also as bright as ever, the stars blinked thin snow accumulation of good ugly, deep night, stole a lazy are busy, the last piece of Yela tip top of the tree, let the wind away thoughts.Twelve o’clock bell rang, all the other silent speechless at the moment is not suitable for comedy staged.Nightlife net Wangjiang downstairs, a boy holding a girl, girl eyes closed, this body is yellow to make red and white jacket takes up most of hybridity, red earth has become ice from afar coming up very image of the entire campus model.Boy wiped the stains girl’s face, Lelong girl beautiful hair with cold hands, pointed piece of hundred years ago hung behind the door flat in authority, and his party tears fall, drops the girl is more cold real estate broker, how can not be too warm.  When I stop the waves, then soulful singing for you.Please lend me a pair of wings, flew back to that time water.”Mom, okay at home?”” Well yet, and are looking forward to you back then, a small dream ah, enough money?” ‘Mom, a little tight, give me that dot it’,” Well, Oh, we must allow our small dream gone well, your dad said a few days to go to that place you travel, like you, look at you, in fact it, he also took a very hard time that you go on a business trip, your dad’s hair juggle all white, do not say this, a small dream, I’ll give you knitting a sweater, to bring you the last time indeed consequently to mom ha, ha ha, “” mom, I have a big, know, same old to me as a child, listening to you is not a cold, take care of yourself, mom!” ‘Oh, you know, and boy, is worried about you ah’ See also the end of the period, the dorm atmosphere is very thick, like a big jar, almost everyone was coming intoxicating the high number of exams.This time is no longer particularly noisy, only to hear the sound of scissors wanton technology goes the answer sheets, like exposure to Michelangelo’s studio, a very short time have become like Arts & Crafts.”Flowers, you also do this answer?”Little Dream with a classical face blush.  Flowers, handing me a paper filled with dense text “, and you now even some busy, yes, I heard that tomorrow is particularly special examiner strict else, do not be a cup ah!”” Rest assured, bow to the shore.What straight?forget.University education ah this!”Phoenix likes so encouraged everyone called crazy girl.  Then out of the window of the house as quiet as the night.  ”Little Dream, in doing it, I collect intelligence, ha ha, to hurry about it!”Over the phone while connected to a burst of spring, strong and in this way the right time with the right information to the right people who can not pass a mistake.Unfortunately, everything is still wrong.  ”Sisters, pay close attention, this is a bit of information I have received, quick share, guarantee can not go wrong, hey”, a pair of charming dimple in the loaded Xiao Yan this century, that Chen De Wang Autumn exceptionally beautiful, as if legends speak of past lives.  call!He drifted snow most of the night, perhaps the sun suddenly like a white, literally arrival in advance, to call snow romantic color.  Dream feeling very good, innocent girl holding a strong arm, mouth singing the latest pop songs, vague can be argued that Xu Song.  ”Little Dream, your ah Xu Song still listen to the song, I did not swearing ah, more than hurt morale, huh.” “To you tube,” said the angry smiled gently name.  ”Quickly, and the book, note what all away, if you find out a note, disciplinary process, cancel the degree certificate, hear it?”Invigilator usual talk about some Mandarin, mast mast ears tease his waist, or a cough loudly to show their seriousness, may continue if the ancient ‘mighty military.’, But this is socialism, the invigilator should be no background writer, so standing on the stage, chin up, eyes reveal a final mighty.”Little Dream, careful Ha, it seems that today the success of the pay the price choose between them.”Flower has begun a plan to conduct Phoenix B plan, all the examination room of beach-goers.  Overflow palms sweat, my heart attracted all the more chaotic, more so to the invigilator came forward, unfortunately, the paper is too wide as the ocean after all, until the sea Kushi bad, just look back at a glance, it became a million years.  ”How about you say, what name.Jia dream, crime against the wind, great ability ah, fill out a form, cancel your degree certificate!”More like a pregnant belly bulging, also with swing, palm tree ears up.  ”Teacher, do it, I’m no longer afraid, I was wrong” feeling that some crying dream.  ”Hurry up, say what will not work, and quickly,” hundreds of pairs of eyes flies, dream away all of the face, no color, Chanafanghua.  ”Xiaoqiang, I go, I will miss you,” “Little Dream.”One figure, went straight out of the ground shallow crooked shadow.  Curve moon, boy holding girl.    Part III: Looking, curved moon that distant night sky, has a curved moon, curved moon below, is that the curved bridge.Every time I hear this song when, as if the heart is full of inexplicable melancholy and a touch of sadness.Li Haiying said to make lyrics are sitting in your own home while watching TV, while very casually written out.And for people who leave home, listening to the song melody with a local flavor, simple and beautiful, as if to see the night sky, crescent moon, bridges, water, serene and placid mood, as if returned to his hometown beautiful the quaint village.And those dusty memories, childhood memories about the gate it will be quietly opened.  Childhood, the annual summer vacation, my mother always send me to the road more than 30 years aunt went away, first let me visit my relatives to exercise my courage.Second, I often bully sister, separated us for some time may also increase feelings.Third, to the aunt assured himself less to worry about.I have three aunts, the most memorable of those days in Er Yi home.Er Yi, who lives in a remote mountain village, a county under the hillside, surrounded along that winding stone path next to the river in the mountains straight ahead, then crossed a few water ridge, you can see two aunt under that tree-shaded gray tiles, and behind the house is a green hills, a winding mountain road stretches to the mountains, especially those with moon night, full of infinite poetic, also left How much reverie of childhood, poetic quiet, picturesque surroundings, as well as the memory that stretches without a break of affection.  Er Yi family has two older brothers three sisters, were called Hua brother, the rich brother.They probably want to live a life of wealth and status bar.Big sister is very capable, the second sister is an adopted orphan, a little sister is dumb, but smart, Er Yi only taken the trouble to communicate with her, they only know how to name just a gesture.Uncle is a village barber, usually rely on farming for a living.Er Yi is cheerful and good-hearted people, but also happy to give free matchmaker to help young men and women, so often pocket candy seeds or something, every time I come back always gently first called me in the past, loud in my face kiss a few times, then put things to me smiling.Eat, others eat corn porridge, I only eat cooked rice, but also put oil, salt.I have to observe when aunts cook too, turned out to be between corn and rice steamer lid plus a separate large bowl of steamed rice.Every meal I can feel that my brother and sister envy in my bowl shuttle, but no one said what.I know that in those days, so a bowl of white rice for my family is very common, but in general Er Yi home, what a luxury it is for my brother and sister.  Although Er Yi special treatment for me, my brother and sister and has not repel me, but also very friendly to me.Think of yourself is so domineering sister crying, could not help some shame.I remember once, I was in a walnut tree looking up at them with bamboo sticks to beat walnut, suddenly a walnut impartial oblique right on my head, not really painful, I cry aloud.At this time, Er Yi quickly ran over, just to see the bamboo poles holding dumb sister, take it over is to go after a while, she grumbled, crying and ran, and I mean not the slightest blame.Another time, I saw a lot of root around leafy vine on a tree next to the vegetable garden, I know that vegetables can eat soup and strip below, then climb all those leaves off the light, and then rich brother saw a land of leaves, quickly crouching to pick up, and urged me to come down immediately..Own start and then go back, so when I went back, I saw aunts broom being angrily hit the rich brother who said that food to eat for several days, and who told you to take off all of it?When I sheepishly said to me, Er Yi this stop, of course, is also not blame me.Then I saw Eryi gently put aside the rich brother’s clothes, see if there is a wound, eyes full of love and affection.There are those monthly child curved starlight sky summer night, in the yard Er Yi home, someone will always take turns with me shake Pushan drive away mosquitoes, told me the happy story.  Then I slightly larger, you will not want to go home Eryi.Even rare to go once, or aunts still is so warm, still have to kiss my face, I would rebellious grumbles hand mercilessly wipe to show resentment, aunts or Hehedexiao.Still later, study, work, get married, have children.Even if only a few years to see once, but also hastily left the same day.Leave home for so many years, only to get some information from the phone, Er Yi also growing old, now a nearly eight-year-old old man, but she never forgot attention to my message.Uncle died early, two brothers were living in their new home, Er Yi to a man living alone in the old house.She ignored lonely old son in the opposition, also insisted adopted a girl abandoned in the street, managed to hold back support, now the girls are married.Perhaps Eryi like nosy, so that their families do not understand her.  In recent years, some Er Yi Alzheimer’s disease, last summer went to the mother’s home the wrong way, only to find his mother in another two or three hours to find a village.In this cold winter, aunts and unfortunately fell in behind his home on that beautiful mountain, that she was gone for decades path, the family found her, already the next day, and the poor Er Yi a man in the mountain cold one night.Thorny path overgrown with weeds everywhere, and now the village cement road are front door, walk a few people, but also to keep the TV drama Er Yi habits of the past.Er Yi broke his leg, went to the hospital for a week, I do not know why to go home, but a broken leg but not connected.If it is a question of money, and now the rural medical insurance can be reimbursed ninety percent.If it is to take care of the problem, who do not have this responsibility?In my memory, those good simple child, brother and sister are how you think of it?Now prosperous, but some did not mind rich.Now raise the level of rural culture, and some idea may still poor.Do not say good life of peace?Er Yi lifetime only for others, but can not think of later life is so bleak.  Mother said, at the end of your plan is to not see you coming back for fear aunts, and her body was too weak left with a skinny, long-term malnutrition coupled with thoughtful care not, I’m afraid this is not boil Festival is coming.Hearing this, I just feel heart sore sore!But it is not help any busy, even handed her a glass of water!In the rush of years, forgotten a lot of things, a lot of people have forgotten.However, that remote mountain village has been living in the depths of my memory always verdant surplus natural, Er Yi that kind cheerful smile is always with me all the way.Dialed, calls out Eryi, I burst into tears.Life has a lot of frustration, this time, I was thousands of miles away.Put down the phone and stared blindly out the window, do not want to talk, any tears wanton rushes forward to release the hearts of sorrow and grief.  Who said life is a song, a poem full moon, the moon is painted.May Tonight, I look into the distance, then a curved moon, coldly hanging in the distant night sky shone pale in today’s secular frustration, according to Er Yi home behind the house in a beautiful mountain road, silently carrying the died of loneliness and sadness.Suddenly, my heart is full of melancholy, that is not curved moon, because it curved sadness, already went through my chest.