Part one: each curved mountain lift eye afar, across the piece of curved mountain road, there will always remind me of infinite yearning.Today falls on a weekend, taking advantage of this rare idle, the three of us to go hiking, I finally had a wish.  After dinner, the nearly seven o’clock.Not go far, just climb afar, close to nature, feel the softness and a reinforced concrete outside Tianshi.So the three of us talking and laughing, and even he has never romantic talk in joke, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we boarded a half while on the slopes.  In front of the open line of sight, and the rich green gradually.Du flowering pear trees, Ilex white flowers thriving, lively.Although there is no pear BingJie, shiny, pretty kind of white, elegant beauty.  Roadside verdant wild alfalfa, grown half a foot high, someone pinch tender alfalfa.Alfalfa is here before we will farmer almost every kind of enclosed pasture, large acreage, from afar, like a green carpet.Wait until grass on summer full of blue flowers, it is customary to call Orchid alfalfa.Summer breeze in, preserved everywhere full depression wave crest, swaying into a blue flowers, then it is on a stunning landscape.  This season, fresh alfalfa stems and leaves can be eaten, thus people advocating green today, it would be worth double of nutritious and delicious.Pinch back the tender alfalfa, with water washing clean, then turn over and fishing in the pot of boiling water into the cold water, wash it again greener.Then squeezed water, coupled with garlic, pepper, ginger, red oil scattered with a piping hot cooking, flavor, straight drilled nostrils.Then pour bags of spiced almonds, put parsley, salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning these, the final mix of our production here of the famous balsamic vinegar, a raw emerald eyes seemed to eat up the lips and teeth aroma of almond salad on alfalfa it is done.  Alfalfa field side, there are many lily, some are flowering, and some has become a hairy dandelion.A pinch discharge mouth bent gently blowing, the wind slowly in those elf tune out.Was suddenly reminded of a childhood song sang: “I am a dandelion seed, who do not know my happiness and sadness.Mom and Dad gave me an umbrella, let me fly in the vast sky, flying.While I uphold meditation, his son and he was climbing for a while, standing height urging me to hurry hurry it.  Time evanescent, and his son had grown as tall, I became the home of the little man.My son, my hand is no longer tender side of the road, though not really strong, but strong and more.He has gradually grown into a man, I no longer over-reliance, often feel alienated his loss of light, and remembered that several flower dandelion away from the mother, and I am relieved a lot: exposure to the earth, and nothing can go against nature the law, as if this were, then people Yijie.  Perhaps, transposition of thinking, way of life, winding, going around in circles in, who is also difficult to predict what the road will be, we should readily accept the reality of change.Only by accepting Sentimental transformation of the growth process, before comprehend mature Gan if yee, this is great wisdom to survive.We just profane, often difficult to do willingly!  Walk all the way, I have even met several of my colleagues.Another unexpected surprise moment, the poly, disheveled, sigh, and then made an appointment with the free climbing.  Rise, apricot trees at the roadside appears.Tsing Hang thumb head has been so big, probably won more passers-by, were dotted with some green leaves.Pick a tiptoe, gently biting, mouth watering calculated.Think of a child, sitting under a tree can eat, not sour tooth.It was presumably the lack of material incentives, and also young and frivolous about.  And on a small slope in the corner, to the top of the hill.Night has fallen slowly down.  Close look around, the silence of the mountains, the trees last month, the night wind gently stroked the green dream.Watching a large and one small, and my life lang two men, feeling that each of us is mullein, a leaf vein, a dust, quietly sleeping in the heart of nature, a kind of chest Nianhua smile glance; look afar, I live in the county skyscrapers, bustling markets, such as firefly traffic coming and going, not a wide river Round, floating over the square of people dancing lively Tage and earthly noise.All this merged into a river of life, flowing slowly.  At the moment, the mind crossing between the Ching Ming and noisy, my heart spontaneously took to Narathiwat’s poem: Jie Lu in the human environment, traveling without noise.I asked the wilderness round, the heart that is distant.Part II: curved mountain from the mine out to turn in front of a mountain to reach a flat road.To the road when I was sitting in the front passenger seat, winding mountain road took me to shake did not dare open the eyes of this have motion sickness problems.I sat return the driver’s seat, the steering wheel, careful, cautious driving on winding mountain road.  Car window scenery is so beautiful, I have no desire to browse.Unblinking stare at the front, for fear of a slip and lead to consequences not envisaged, because next to it is not wide mountain cliff.I travel at this time it is in position on a mountain high.Net nightlife remember a song called “Rugged Mountain Path”.I pulled into the curved mountain road is 240, and a right angle attached to a right angle.When cornering, the road ahead can not predict every car they will accelerate my heart rate.Only doubly careful, then carefully.??Although there are many years old driver’s license, but accustomed to driving a flat road for me, it can not be regarded as a big test driving skills.Yet calm on the surface, the spirit highly concentrated, but still conceal the panic and tension, as well as the infiltration of cold dew early spring I went so far as sweating Lian Lian.  Say that life on the road, is a landscape of a turn.And at this time, I had a bend over like a hurdle, but also from the royal road to a period of nearly.  Driving on a curved mountain road, so I know the difficult business; you know that added a new wrinkle on the forehead of how many hidden bitterness; know that the struggle is so difficult.So, I would feel bad when you are tired tired; sympathize with your drink and stay late; understand your frustration entertainment.I miss you too can help one to lighten the burden off your shoulders.Can at this time, I can do it is to drive carefully and let you rest in peace for a while in the car, because you are tired!  After nearly an hour of travel, in front of the last few bends, flat road is in sight, I hung a heart also will relax.Open sound, soothing music melody leisurely, we headed towards the direction of home.  Listen to local villagers say: As long as such a mountain road before, what kind of road after the encounter dare to break the.I think business is the same strike, we will have successfully gone through hardships.Because the sunshine after the rain, victories.