REVIEW: Small drops of water falling countless pieces stretch of willow on Ana scene, as if covered with a crystal clothed willow, like a piece of leaf rolling boat, gently blowing in the spring breeze slightly in boat in the waves like a leaf, and like groups of fairy dressed in green clothes in the dance.Cheerful dancing beautiful dance, some close together, as if to whisper it!    No great tall and straight pine willow, poplar did not like that unyielding integrity.Willow has a very strong vitality, is unmatched by any species, Wicker plug on earth to live, where to put it into the people, there it survived, forest, shade.Because of the nature and character of willow, both in the cold north or in the warm south, in the east or west world world, under the sun or in the earth can be seen above the shadows of willow.Willow is the most common species on the planet and the most common species.Whether ancient or modern writer writers poets praise the evergreen pines and cypresses, the appearance of praise elaborately decorated poplar, praise healthy, brave, strong oak.But rarely praise willow tree, saying: “Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold.”But my favorite is still willow.I like the green willow publicity and beautiful melancholy temperament, like catkins flying season and intuition sensitive character, like willow has a noble and honest style taste.    Legend: “Willow” is the name the year after Emperor ascended the throne, ordered to cut Tongji ditch, Liu Yu Shiji recommended embankment species, the Emperor that the proposal is good, they ordered the Grand Canal willow species in the newly opened, and personally planting, willow Yushu thanks folks, enjoy the honor of the emperor surname, from willow have a “willow” reputation.Willow and weeping willow Salix points.Also known as willow weeping willow, deciduous trees; Salix, also known as Qi Liu, also a willow, a deciduous shrub.Flexible willow branches, leaves long and narrow, yellow-green flowers open in spring, with white hairs on the seeds, the wind scattered mature.Liu can reproduce asexually, subject to mainly long Liu Gensheng.”Unintentional Liucheng Meng,” Willow unparalleled adaptability makes it one of the most common ages of greening trees.Willow resistance to air pollution and dust, suitable to urban gardens grown, in particular pond or stream side.Many fibrous roots firmly embedded in the soil, stretch in all directions, hugging the earth, providing a wealth of nutrition for the trunk.Trunk usually branches grow in twenty-three meters, the smooth, soft silk sash Zhuangruo branches, drooping Fenpi.Leaves alternate lancet is, but leaves narrow width appropriate, elongated shape such as the girl eyebrows as “whip Liu Rong The surface, such as eyebrow”.    Spring tea after a meal than I used to go watch the river on the crooked river and willow curved drooping willow.Look criss-cross the river on both sides of the winding river willow, some whirling like a white-haired old man, like some beautiful long hair girl, as long strait River, stopped into a bead curtain wire hanging corridor.Blotting out the sun on the banks of lush foliage as cover graceful, fascinating and charming Yiyi willow, blowing over the soft green shoots of new life, reflected in the river, the river is also infected with the green, as if a river flowing east emerald.Willow tree trunk is straight, the color is brown, very rough bark, but along a drooping branch, as a line hanging from a tree, that on the petals as tender leaves based Online.Each branch is very smooth, studded with green leaves on the branches, emerald green, like countless willow with jade dress up as a root gentle ribbon, have drooping.These naughty doll switchgrass freely floated, like a group of carefree little angel.Numerous pieces of small drops of water falling on the stretch of willow Ana scene, as if covered with a crystal clothed willow, like a piece of leaf rolling boat, gently blowing in the spring breeze slightly, like a leaf boat in the waves, and like groups of fairy dressed in green clothes in the dance.Cheerful dancing beautiful dance, some close together, as if to whisper it!    Slowly walking on the banks of Taiping, Taiping looked southward flowing stream, watching from the side grazed the red and green men and women, looking at the swing over the top of the head from drooping curved green wicker tender, I went back to childhood scene with willow.War theme of the movie’s more like “red child”, “Little Soldier” were infected our children’s minds, every seam summer or Sunday, we have a group of children with guns (stick) pistols (folded paper ), went to the river, wicker lower stream fold, folded into a trap with the head, disguised as People’s Liberation Army and the military confront launched fierce fighting in willow Creek river, to the outcome, both sides should gain the ear thick red neck, playing sounded are covered with mud, after reading the upper primary, it ended the war childhood.In the past people have no leisure time, no one to appreciate the beauty of willow, stream, river willows had once been cooking fire firewood.After the reform and opening up, with the improvement of living standards, people increased leisure time, whether now or in the park on both sides of the River, levees figure everywhere willow, willow has become the people’s lives in a beautiful landscape, with its deep-rooted Greenwood of Kingston, such as rich cover, to prop up an umbrella people, erected a seat and a piece of gazebo and pergola, to human recreation, wind, rain and sun.You see, the trees hanging beads Liu Ying Yang Liu Yiyi smoke in that wicker, pairs of boys and girls in Yiyi relative comfort, devotion, both sides waiting for the best moment of this last night.The young woman who cradle bed tightly tied to the trunk of the willow, the little baby in the cradle gently sway with non-stop singing children’s songs willow girl.Whether old or less, after all people under the willow, must stop here, stop, stop to stop, willowy slip view willow leaves dancing scene in the shadows.    According to the “Chinese Dictionary” records: “willow leaves or foliage, its cold, bitter, non-toxic, with scattered wind, help wet, clear heat, jaundice hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, local thyroid swelling and other effects. “.1829 French chemist Pierre – Joseph Leroux, the first time the Salicin (Salicin) from willow bark by the structural modification that is now aspirin.Since then one after another reported Salix active ingredients of plants, which are mainly flavonoids and phenolic glycosides.Central nervous system activity comprises inhibiting, anti-hypnotic, for promoting spontaneous movement, treatment of heart disease, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic, antihypertensive action, etc..Willow light weight, easy cutting, deformation after drying, no special smell, for construction, prop, box board, and the like Stick timber; high wood fiber content, the raw material is paper and rayon; willow, switchgrass good the firewood; many programmable wicker baskets, boxes, caps; can be used lancet sheep, horse feed.Liuya rich in protein, dried and can cook food, you can also drink tea, Liu also made pillow, insoles, etc..    Willow it gives people very much, too little to people, regardless of its roots planted in the rich around the land is barren soil, are deeply rooted in the soil, gave the world a shade dedication.