Part One: Cut, and chaotic “Silent alone on the West Wing, month like a hook.Indus Shen Yuan lock Kiyoaki.Cut, and chaotic, is sadness.Do a general feeling among us.”- Inscription immersed in Li Yu” REUNION “, perhaps you take away the source of Qingsi, Wherever he went, all read like, such as Lan, has shown signs of better at thinking, cut candle west window, depending on the phase smile.During that edge to edge to all silhouettes, many years in the past, thin stems of time, the ink bleak, cut, and chaotic.It turned out that you are insurmountable sea life, is lingering clouds.Leaf green, yellow chrysanthemum, this past year, time a horse, you are barren idle window, clouds parting, how many barren clouds!  The dust has settled, and over all the twinkling of an eye, a cold cream facial features, annihilation of the past, injury troubles, remember that part, like the utterances of duckweed, a floating Qingsi but if fallen, wandering fragmented, broken pieces, piece together , but also shattered, the howling wind, read the patchwork, once again remember the past, you clear as ever, still, walking slowly, softly and gently, trance occasion, the gap between slip away, look nowhere!  Lonely lonely cold breath, cover with bright, flooded bright, dark rhetoric, a surge from the original read you a sea of pain.Exhausting, in exchange for a delighted gaze, slightly wishful thinking, become so ethereal, in a time of expectation, then again and again disappointed, discouraged clouds, obscured the sky, a yoke, sleeves and life.Executive deeper read, the more messy, cut, and chaotic!  ”Silent alone on the West Wing, month like a hook.Lonely Indus Shen Yuan lock Kiyoaki.”Wishful Qingsi monologue, Unspoken, tossing and turning, drops down a shower of petals look of love, stitching on the occasion, deserted aside, unable to pick up.Maybe this few words, wishful monologue, in any case, but the shadow of talking scenes are boats sailing past the lonely one.Worthy of that beautiful rivers and mountains, clear water ripples, is the reward for a person, a person to make thin.  Cut, tangled, thin Joseph Han Yan, lonely Indus, or you remembered.Magic War of that year that month, trance has come and gone stale taste, once the scene, but the window is a horse, for his home.Analog past, chase between a grabbing look back, you sometimes clear, sometimes vague, floating in thin make the time, the way laid hold.Whether caricature, has been sleeping in a fairy tale, Zuiwo a thousand years, has been waiting for a day long, rolling forward, extending III Chi Chan, continued to stray that knows no boundaries.  Helpless net, disarray Qingsi, spray blossoming open Tung recalls Xie language Han Yan floating deep reflection, it is read into the marrow of Gudu, whenever, disarray, unknown road.Subversion time, stroking time crevices dream Indus, lock love the footprints of early spring, the taste of a blossoming Spring Bud Man open side, the olfactory memories, memories along the road, send away the fish book leap mountains, back into the game of initially, I was in a puddle of green beneath the eye, waiting to meet the clear joy.  Splendor in the spring, once again, I think after the bell, the morning sun rises, glistening in the corners, the spouses reflects waiting, color Butterflies, beautiful and enlightened, a different kind of taste in mind, perhaps past in singing the most beautiful, most deceased taste sweet, fragrant incense or for longer.This world looked Kam years poem, I was in a rain pen and ink, painting read like bone deep, twisting road all the way to fragrant, beautiful meandering, forever think of dance read.  Tumi flowers, love is young, “Silent alone on the West Wing, month like a hook.Lonely Indus Shen Yuan lock Kiyoaki.Cut, and chaotic “, some Qingsi of feathers into a butterfly, on paper look plume of love, and pulled out the initial background, silent sort who, wearing Tayue come blot.Part II: cut, and chaotic Twenty years ago, I was thirteen years old, was a child, very introverted, did not look up to walk, not to speak with the people, the only grew up with playmates also Xiaolei I do not have much time to work, because she was “in love”.So I was very lonely, want to do a lotus not stained the mud, but no one is watching my lofty.Every second of time devouring me, until one day encounter Conan.  Is a very ordinary boy, small eyes but very spirit, a beautiful teeth and spoke with two dimples, he finished to our class, the teacher arranged for him in my back seat.He earned good grades, article writing is very standard, but thanks beautiful hand word.So, he can be considered the man of the hour in class.I do not know because he was not familiar with the environment, or because I hurt him too lonely sky of compassion, intentionally or unintentionally, Conan began to speak with me.Gradually, I tried to speak to him, from his eyes, I saw the surprise, then is to encourage, is eager, and he was pleased with sorrow together, along with those happy days fixed in patches of the landscape, I thought it was It is eternity.So the days went by, I was surprised to find that I love Conan, because of the small, simply do not know how to use “love” to describe a feeling.  After the first two days after the end of the summer, I went to Jinan examination relax with my father, but returned a week.Mom told me that a boy came to see me twice, I thought Conan, went to see him twice, but did not see.After school I learned that the transfer of Conan.I’m mad nightlife network learning, in order to catch up with him but.At that winter, he heard a soldier accidentally go, go as unencumbered, did not even tell me, my heart was hurt.That is, from that moment, re-frozen himself up.  Time and time again can not help but inquire about his message, with the rise and fall of his or happy or sad.  Bent to obtain a high school in the provinces, his family did not understand and regret eyes, his backpack went straight away.Once all together, along with Conan stay behind, that year I was fifteen years old.  Time flies, high school life gone by, and I farther away from home.  That in the city, where the unfamiliar campus, like a return to the age of thirteen, a little lonely, will miss Conan.  Finally one day, wrote him a letter, he had already fulfilled a dream when he became an officer in the juvenile —.Almost immediately, he wrote back, like a well prepared, as we hold a reunion of old friends, calm, indifferent.Lift the former time, but his reply some tingling on my nerves, as he then left free to go like that when.  He said he had been to me as a young girl; he said he felt lonely is not a thirteen-year-old child should have; he says he wants to be my friend for life.I prefer to believe that because of who he is away from me, had between us what had happened.  His apology, as that paper’s lightweight, light no weight, and all this all stems from my first illusion.But I know that I put down the share care, also put down Conan.  Everything passage of time, can not be reconciled and do not speak of the outcome, the next best thing to do his little sister, which also found a reason to be waiting for a share of friendship.