Probably in October 2008, right, suddenly found the fourth floor of a neighbor’s dog coffee actually gain weight all of a sudden, and had become particularly slim body bloated, climbing stairs seemed a bit tired asthma, vigorous and agile to go earlier the two extremes.Are wondering, suddenly I found clues, I asked the owner, really – suffered the same kind of bad when the original coffee, walk out, accidentally pregnant, soon to upgrade it, aha.Really curious, I asked what kind of dog do evil?Western guess the owner is probably a dog, because the dog encountered when walking the dog much, never seen grass dog, who knows all too easy will it be to train future generations?And more trouble!I said with a smile, that later gave birth to a pup estimate should be Manman lovely type.I know the owner is a dog lover, then the interface: “That gave birth to a small dog, you get to pick a.”Of course I’m a happy ah, things along, the two sides considered a whiz.Separated for a few days, the neighbors informed, coffee has been crowned female, gave birth to five little dogs, dogs really cute, but the family can add to the trouble, busy evil master here.Imagine a small room off pet inconvenience, could not help but music.Neighbor asked, how, give you a stay?Although love dogs, our family dog can also find many second thoughts, and seems to have raised no more than necessary, but you really want to whisk people have good intentions embarrassed, he readily promised down.Almost more than those, no more and no, little dog, a multi-Whatdoes?That reminded me of a neighbor, puppy children full moon of it, really is quite fun when.Heard, finally could not suppress upstairs with a family of three to explore actual situation.Bitch coffee sound a stranger, angry demonstrators in the room, was Hezhu owner, to prevent it “harassment”, it will simply hold in the arms.We went straight toward the kennel, but see four shaggy little dog (another one who has long been “stolen” away) intimacy to squeeze in a big cardboard box each other warm, to see strangers desperately to fall in. ,So cute.Pointing dog owner, dog names indicating which only has the Lord, which only kennel No word yet betrothed, huh.Mr. walked joyfully endorse the bird has not been “hand-picked” brown dog, say “taken away Luo”, actually went home straight.what?I sometimes back, but God, is not that good but the first to look at it?Gee, how to say hold on hold?In the neighboring two couples happy laughter, the little dog flew changed owners friends.That day was December 10, 2008.Small brown – little dog’s name – the offspring of coffee, but also coffee and white coat and white – come in handy dog name.This puppy, lack of pounds heavy, especially thin, small eyes blinking constantly shaking, I do not know fear or cold?Others worry so small, you can feed?Nonsense, can not support you, ha ha!Lane cartons, sweatshirt and thick mat of cotton, which is the new home of small coffee.Housing problem solved, eat in trouble.Milk, sausage, meat, fish.Entrance not and will not, will afford small?It will afford protest?Mozhe, Fan Achillea change, and the heavens, and perhaps Ruannuo it, but also because of the sweet, little brown eat that Hong ah, since non-sweet potatoes to eat, generosity, rounded belly to eat, eat sit there innocently looked up to you, call it does not move, Zala – too hold, can not move it – ha ha, really makes the greedy Jin ah.More dumbfounding is that, because eating too many sweet potatoes, it is open defecation, everywhere it’s “victories” a day I do not know how many times to clean up.Said dog smart, sure enough, a small brown small, but it is quite clever, then a tiny little life, it has also to understand its genetic race, know how to flatter Zuo Yi master, tossed a small tail expressed its loyalty and friendship and the favorite in the master’s feet to climb the olfactory.Normally, often see it shook a small tail to follow you in Huansheng, the fluffy brown in a small group of fast moving, it is laughing.Holding it up, it is little eyes blinking curiously stare at you, little tail quickly thrown thrown ah, lint, thick curly, I lift up its tail and let it stand upright, Kazakhstan, a whole child owl – see who all agree, we have lamented that “like most is like most of the owl.”.Small brown set thousands of pet in one, eat and exercise, running back and forth all day in the yard, the sun, from time to time to talk to Asan affectionate intimacy, hey, express body looks, though Asan whole body rounded (guess it will certainly suffer from the dog, “three high disease”), but worse than the small brown, small and fat, but chubby look is cute.That bout a guest like them very much, it could not bend over Qubao, small brown refuse, and ran before fleeing, but was eventually caught by the guests, not willing to small coffee producing a low groaning, struggling, Xihu guests still not let go, small brown anxious, even Zhangkaixiaozui to bite the hand of the guests, yo yo, which guests had to put it down, small brown quickly slipped away in the corner.Hey after New Year, small brown fat is more horrendous matter, of course, it is also in daily increments of intelligence, he saw a stranger, then a small dog fart, even as it will be the mother of coffee generally rushed forward , sniff, then growled, high-pitched voice was tender, put me funny, Gee, honey, Oh, really sensible?”Little Brown, do not call do not call, a family member,” casually said, small brown understand, roar came to an end, the days of miles, but also to understand than A Sancong?Asan Cong Ming, although clever, but regardless of whether the owner to stop, like always angry towards strangers, strangers once a little protest or disdain, it is not as fierce grimace in pain, and even falling evil “fame”, ha ha!It was the definition of small brown – really ugly ugly (with handsome dog than it Asan, natural small brown inferior), dirty is dirty enough to (rolling on the ground all day without hesitation dirty truth?), Smart but not wise which is.In short, hey, pretty cute!It seems, no matter how dogs worth mentioning, Day-wise is really important, oh Man Man.;