What men want marriage?Each person is different to the pursuit of marriage, then you know what kind of man you want to do marriage?Following small to large families tell the horse what men want marriage。
The horse what kind of man you want to have full marriage of two of the world marriage is a horse man for marriage still has a lot of them look forward to two of the world's most wanted full。
While married life will inevitably involve the topic of children, but they had enough hope to have children after two of the world。 They do not want to be disturbed married life of others, as long as their happy, happy is enough。
Their idea'll make them feel very insecure, but they will be more loved。
Know how flattering the male horse, wind and water will be a nice marriage。
Wait until they had enough of this life, it will be a child, that time on the real life of a successful。
Horse who romantic passion, and he absolutely love is like a first love sweet day。
This character does not admit defeat also decided that they could not dare to dull feelings, once the will to change this idea, badly beaten, we should also want to adhere to in the end。 Tip: horse who likes to occupy leadership, initiative, lovers only need to meet and enjoy the surprise he made on the line, do not need to give an opinion。
Yiroukegang hearts and minds is the best policy。
Interestingly index of 20 horse men though outgoing, but also more bold, but they do not know how to romance, nor is it an interesting person, their personal independence, with the spirit of courage in their careers, particularly strong mobility。 They do not feel ****** interesting is the marriage, they think money is the last word, the root cause is the most pleasant life, they like to have the luxury of ostentation life。
The horse men want and what kind of marriage it is a horse man lives, they make you enough to live comfortably, but to coax you happy, then, it is a more difficult thing。
The last horse married people why not love does not love the people above all else, but very responsible person is a horse to do something very patient, stay the course, so that in their careers they also have very good results, but in the financial aspects, they are relatively not have a lot of savings。
Because they like the kind of comparative style of life, it will make money, but money is also very powerful, very good face, like atmospheric life of luxury。
For love, above all else, although they did not, but they will find a suitable target to get married, they do not care if the other side is that he is loved, but the premise is to love each other are TA, but they also are a good partner, because they are born the very strong sense of the incumbent, whether or not their favorite does not matter, they will be responsible in the end。