I remember it was when I was in High School, I often just dropped out leg pain.Sister positive university, see I do not go to school, it was hurt.Dad always moan and groan, took me to the village clinic to see, no matter.I went to the county hospital to see, took a lot of drugs, eating, or pain.Dad said, or we go to Beijing to see.I was very pleased.Mom looking forward to my morning getting better hurry up, she accumulated 600 dollars and handed my father, my father and asked: “You hid the money, do not lose.”My father said:” I never take money Diuguo, who would steal my?I do not kill him!”I have a big sister and dad happily to the railway station waiting for the train.Then go to Beijing train ticket is not expensive, it is about 5 dollars.We feel that the Beijing trip pretty easy, is not imagine so far away.The train sounding its whistle off, we and the other on a train you will not let me I will not let you be crowded on the train, my father shouted: “What do you squeeze!”We quickly get on the car, find a seat.The train was a little hot, because it is August, the North is hot.Dad wore his coat off and handed it to me and said: “You put your clothes in the garment bag, holding your hand ah!”I know my dad mean bullish, fear the loss of 600 dollars inside.I subconsciously hand touched his father’s gown pocket, I was surprised, and quickly said: “Dad, that money too?”Dad Cheguo go looking through the clothes put money in the chest pocket, no.Looking through the bottom of the pocket, and no, the anxious father: “Where is it?”Sister anxious:” is not lost?”Dad seemed to realize that the car was dedicated to squeeze his chest for a moment that seems to have been stabbed.Dad’s jealous.He said nothing, he does not love that, this time, he could not say anything.We sat in silence while the pain train headed to Beijing.To the Beijing West Railway Station, our plodding pace of the car, we are hungry.Dad with only three hands of ten yuan to buy a small bread, Dad said: “Let’s go first to your aunt home!”Yes, at this time, unaccompanied, how painful.Fortunately, Beijing has aunt.But aunt in Haidian suburb, quite far.We boarded a shuttle, but to let tracing.To the aunt’s house, my father say what has happened, aunt to conclude definitely on you when a train was shelled out money to the.Aunt, she said: “lost also found again, pay for lessons it.Tomorrow from me to take $ 500 to go see a doctor.”Aunt night for us to eat savory dumplings.The next day, we take the shuttle bus to Jishuitan Hospital.Oh, too many people see a doctor.My father and sister sitting on the bench waiting.My father has a side with their father about the same age man, his father being dejected look, take the initiative to get in a word with the father: “Who are you to see a doctor?”” Give my daughter to see a doctor.”” How bad she?”” She always leg pain, more than a year.”” My wife she is old nephew leg pain, eating a recipe, like two months.”” What remedies?”Dad asked anxiously.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) “I can not tell what the recipe, I know where there sell.”Where” Yeah?”” There Xinjiekou.”” Why do not you take me to see.”Dad would go up.Sister sitting farther away from us, to go see my father with a man, very strange Sister.Sister with the go.I sit here waiting for registration.Sister behind my father, also Listening to people talking about the set.Sister said: “Dad, let’s go back, for a moment that the registered.”Dad still go forward.Came to Xinjiekou, the man pointed his finger a young man.The young man had been pretty, white face.Standing in the corner, an elongated stem secretly out something similar elongated loach.The man said: “You take this medicinal sea boiled for 30 minutes, and then drink the soup, soon enough.”Dad looked at Sister:” do not buy?”Sister said:” Do not buy, do not buy!”Dad does not listen to advice, or take the initiative to buy, no stopping Sister.Sister angry ruefully at his father behind.They returned to Jishuitan Hospital, I am happy, and hope they can come back.I’m waiting for registration, and I lonely.I did not take the money.Case linked to the number orthopedics, we find the doctor, explained in detail the leg pain.The doctor did not say what reason, but said: “It had to be amputated?”Sister pain anxiously asked:” you have to amputation?How amputation?”” After the amputation leg then the placement.”We are one, scared.I and pain, might as well not endure the humiliation that disability.We returned home, we just arrived by train, to find the doctor Township Hospital.Father suffering related to the heart, he said the.Dad took out the slender slender thing, let the doctor look.The doctor said: “This is the hippocampus, where cure what leg pain.”Dad know they deceived.Remorse eyes a little red.Dad, that night, I still painful than you, I did not sleep all night.I think I will test school police department, specifically the arrest of the thief a liar.Dad, now, I did not achieve my dream wish, I became a teacher.I think if I could learn Lu Xun “from medicine,” the thing to do?In order to educate millions of children, from childhood.”Abandoning studied with the police” do not do better?