My family daffodils bloom, drawn from a bowl full of green leaves more than a dozen root stout flower arrows, scattered high and low, graceful, yellow flower stud spit, Qin about the room fragrance.Doing deep breathing deeply, fragrance lungs, day of exertion and inexplicable melancholy gone, just to be the Song Dynasty poet Huang Ting “Han Xiang voxel For Allure, Symplocos brother is the younger brother of May is” the poetic.    During the Spring Festival, after visiting friends and relatives of leisure at home reading night.Outdoor cold and windy, indoor air conditioning is not blowing warm air Xu no disease, an orange-red lamp, a Hsu poetry, a red brocade chair cushions, plus elegant desk pot narcissus, its own kind between different kind of warmth, a different kind of appropriate sense of mind slowly stretch.Wake up late at night, lights from the window shines into, daffodils children like that in Spring elegant little shadow; subtle fragrance bursts into the nose, the suspect is fragrant jasmine.    Narcissus is the daughter of the legendary Emperor Yao E Wong and female British incarnation.They married two same-sun, after the sister, for sister Wei Fei, three very good feeling.Shun died in the southern tour, E Wong and female British both die for love in the Xiangjiang River.God have mercy on moving and beloved duo, they put two soul into the river daffodils, narcissus duo became the twelfth lunar month of flora.Narcissus Bing Ji jade, fragrant wind fragrant, graceful, scholars mostly love narcissus hailed a symbol of pure Yi-Jie.Cao Zhi in the “Goddess” to their favorite deceased older siblings Chen Mi ratio as daffodils God: “mallard flying off fast, if uncertain of God, Lingboweibu, Luo socks raw dust.Move impermanence then, if the security risk if.Into the only difficult period, if if also to.Transfected ogle flow fine, smooth Yuyan.Not containing speech spit, gas if the orchids.Huarong graceful, so I forgot meal.”In order to show their love and Chen Mi to be pure and true.Ming Dynasty poet Zhang Guanghui also praised Narcissus: “Yuli Kingston from Keren, God cold bone cold seems very close, late at night, chanting meditation is assigned, as Limbo less contempt dust.”Narcissus, in the United States and not very proud, not Jiao Li in white.Narcissus, white leaf posture, beautiful Xin long, grow directly from the root, long, straight stretch up with; to give people a neither haughty nor humble temperament a stubborn up the momentum; let you feast for the eyes basis, but also adds an admiration, a force.It is sandwiched between the white flower leaves yellow of the core, elegant, noble, it is not just watching; Coushang again, a hint of fragrance nostrils, its fragrance is transparent amber, is spilled on the ground moonlight, cozy.    It is said that, at first Narcissus was not long in the water, but buried in the soil.Narcissus flower carving knife ball, then buried in the soil, wait until she grows roots and stems and leaves, and then dug up with water to nourish.Beautiful Narcissus is the result of carefully carved out, give the soil nutrients early, and then by means of a spoonful of water, a few stones, they take root, grow green leaves, and pull straight out of flower arrows, bloom noble and elegant.”Borrowed from a strange flower water, water sink to Gu Yu as muscle.Fragrance tea millet has been pressed down, only this Samuume no good sticks.”Song Dynasty poet Liu straight song” Daffodils “is the most apt description of Narcissus.    Narcissus tried to stay, pure goodness, no trend inflammation potential to go, it has always been a scholar of hackers advertised.Narcissus, also known as “elegant garlic”, taste slightly bitter, slightly cold, medicinal health benefits expelling wind, heat, blood, Tiaojing.Extraction of volatile oil from the flowers can be modulated senior spices, can be used as raw material in perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.Narcissus requires little people: a pot of sparkling water, a few silk strands of sunlight, moisture in the solar water baptism, gradually spit yellow stamens, slim and graceful, fragrance Yu-tzu amazing, intoxicating.Narcissus but many people give: not only to cultivate the human sentiment and Shi Ji.She can also be as you wish, making odd, clever, elegant gardening, or petals narcissus, daffodils, etc. or goldfish, admiration for you, then you Masaoki.Although narcissus is one of the ten traditional flowers, was able to enter the homes of ordinary people, it is graced shabby homes for Ascot Solutions Language.Daffodils bloom in the cold winter, intoxicating in fugacity space, water and fire are visibly moved.Narcissus and not just in Afghanistan but also seems to tell people: Winter comes, can spring be far behind?And to it was pure green, exuberant vitality of spring to the people.    Those people on all fronts of struggle for a better tomorrow, also has a tenacious difficulties, silently dedication.They carefully white, pristine character, taken very little to contribute very much; they do not seek the limelight, as a final touch of its life.They, full of errors narcissus quality and charm you?    I love daffodils, elegant love her, love her fragrance, fragrance and subtle love her.Limbo fairy, you are my small room of the Friends of Jacob.