Spear leaves on the branches Chrysanthemum, Nanjing, called the “chrysanthemum brain,” Nanjing new vegetables with local characteristics.Legend has it that year national hero Yue Fei led the soldiers to fight in the summer Kinbyo, went to Nanjing ‘, forage done, then went to look for edible wild plants.In the end, like a plant he has found a small leafless edible chrysanthemum, fresh and refreshing feeling after eating.Since then, it has spread chrysanthemum brain, has become a wild Nanjing people’s favorite.Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum brain has a special rich aroma and unique flavor, slightly sweet, cool and clean the mouth, fried soup will do.This dish-fire, to share Liver eyesight; in addition to the Chrysanthemum flowering period (leaf old), almost chrysanthemum brain can often see a soup made of Nanjing’s table.    Chrysanthemum easy to plant a long, either re-barren land, planted a little bit of the first year, we will be able to survive and stretch it that emerald body, next spring will be a large green dye.While it has been widely cultivated Chrysanthemum, but the body retains its wild, also maintained a very strong vitality.My work is close to the village, inside and outside the factory, everywhere.    Now when the season comes Chrysanthemum flowers around the plant, in a small country road, in a hillside, Tanabe, headland, skirting the edge, full of wild chrysanthemum delectable than soybeans bigger bunch of flowers in bunches clusters.Some fully open, revealing a light yellow flower; some like-bit shy little girl, “still holds partly concealed”; especially those bud children Hanbaoyufang, against the backdrop of green leaves, yellow is particularly exposed charming.Approached the flowers, the air was filled with the rich fragrance, it is refreshing.In the warm irradiation autumn sun, and sometimes can see there are a few bees or butterflies on the fly to the branches of chrysanthemum, they collect the pollen.After breeze, the flowers facing the beautiful butterfly double jump dance, encouraged by the wind.If stood on the hillside looking ahead, like a surge of capital stock Chrysanthemum yellow choppy in secluded valley; on the vast land, breeze blowing, waves surging over the green sea waves, green sea holding golden waves heaving up and down, wave after wave.Lovely wild chrysanthemum, is this rush to grow, throwing open the pungent spicy ground, one after another flocked Mimizaza, many piles, one attached to an endless stream, they put on a fantastic field for the mountains like a magical tapestry.Sun, hills are covered with brilliant, fiery gallop, the north wind like wild.This is clearly a burning sun and the moon essence of the hot destination alloy, is the Creator random dumping shed in the wilderness, yellow dazzling yellow was intoxicating, mind could not help but long earthquake quivered, heartfelt praise its beauty unrestrained.    Repeated autumn autumn autumn frost, the mountain had Lianqu vast green cloak, gray brown back only the bare earth.YOUE clouds had been set off such a lofty sky, also lead dust compressed mind.Calling upon the sky Ziyan, Hong Yanfei, wholly unnoticed in the south over the Perishable.Even though pine and cypress has dignified color depth, Tan bamboo gradually come down.Getting into the late autumn, blossom are welcome, but only this Chrysanthemum to her unique wild with her fearless with her aggressive uninhibited, under this sky above the mountains, gold flag aloft, head blossoming bloom, gushing with gorgeous, gorgeous dancing hyun.They came, though not prominent, not born noble, but I could have an aggressive, there is a “with heaven in stature,” the boldness of vision.Who has seen such a bold and heroic cloud flower flowers?Who heard of such a gloomy dignified herbal scent?Who in the late autumn season, “wearing times on the Golden Flower”?Throughout the ages, the number of man of letters and Chou Chang Feng, the Ju Ju Italian soul sing Toru dynasties.In fact, they chant mostly garden, park, pots ju.Compared with the wild chrysanthemum, these are domesticated, and appreciation for the siblings, has lost aloof and aggressive, contaminated with gas powder, butter flavor, it is pretense and affectation; more worthy chant – singing, comes these wild chrysanthemum.    Chrysanthemum adaptable without special care to fill the fields can settle; residual frost and the wind invasion, fend.They do not need pity, care, distressed, care, do not need to shelter in a comfortable greenhouse, do not expect abundant enough fertilizer; they are self-improvement, self-reliance born.They are born in the barren land, long in the desolate mountains, drinking the freezing cold and rain.They are deeply rooted in the land, spare no efforts asking for water.They are strong enough to resist violent storms, strong roots go Revival.They do not have natural beauty, touching charm, charming beauty; they are born wild, proudly launch.They bloom before meals for people, become a game dishes; there is no noble peony flowering, blooming roses, crabapple gorgeous, bluegrass fragrance, but not afraid to cold late autumn; flowers dried and then for people to drink tea drink, giving to the scattered wind heat, Liver eyesight and detoxification effect of anti-inflammatory.They do not like the body beautiful white chrysanthemum Jiao Ying, did not want to be worshiped and people of all ages, unknown to survive in this world without fuss.They prefer the soup medicine into the dish into a tea, to slag into the mud, not mercy, for people to fondle.This is the Chrysanthemum!I praise the throttle Chrysanthemum style, advocating Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum longing man of the wind, light and elegant.    Chrysanthemum humble life, never valued by the people, nor been sung.But it is not at all inferior, still proud and brave enough to bloom in the darkness and dreariness of late autumn.Filled with their own blood, in the earth to write the song exciting music.A man should not be the same as you like wild chrysanthemum?The same can go with the flow, like an open situation and expand operations.Once born, regardless of whether or not to survive the harsh environment, all Rongrubujing to live without complaint stubborn, with a strong sense of survival to reflect the value of their own lives and insights on life, nostalgia for the students and for the dead spurn.Found in the course of life’s more important than the survival of the final destination, to find the meaning of life, constantly enrich the development of intrinsic life, achieve the highest level of life – truth, goodness and beauty of unity.To make unremitting ahead, to self-discovery, self-expression, self-realization, the pursuit of life’s infinite and eternal.In this world, neither contender with others, but not demanding to succeed, grandstanding, just nothing exciting placid life.I think that human life should be spent: seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity to learn, dedication, hard work and comprehend the magnificent creation of life, the meaning of life, so weak and short life torch to kindle years time and space.Do not have scruples secular vision, do not disguise themselves, only to struggle ideals and beliefs.Bursting out all the beauty of the soul, dedication born hit all the energy and effectiveness.Add a little spark to light the world for the world.In this way, “When you reminiscent of the warrant because of wasted years and remorse, yet they are not because the past mediocrity and shame.”Burst of autumn, with a plume of fragrant float.That the sun sets in place, one after another with a piece of golden in the autumn wind, surging forward, darting with stirring!Like that wave roll with golden waves, forever, forever without stopping, continuously.This is the high life movement, which is the life of the sky flashing light.