REVIEW ancient city wall in front of the tower, even more solemn, Wang Dali ancient walled in, there are always people hook mind, pays homage to the man in romantic novels in Dali’s anecdote abundance feats, you will feel the flow of life was so short, the ancient city wall is still there, but people do, life has no idea how many there have been a reincarnation.  May Day holiday, our family went to Dali, husband Sogo is to work, parents, younger brother are to travel, because there are projects in Dali Sogo, I have come with him many times, I like Dali.    Every time we come, live hotel, live like Dali’s private yard, not to save money, because these are private small courtyard Dali landscape.A distinctive landscape.Several times to Dali, I never went to swim Lake, which is comparable to the Dianchi Lake Erhai I think broad, esoteric Chengjiang, to stand in the ancient city of Erhai look far, only the flavor, I never climb Cangshan, Cangshan only in Dali and enjoy a picture frame to go, it seems that it’s desolate and tall, I like quartzite Road Dali private homes and small front yard.    Dali small private hospital is the result of government authorities for approval can receive foreign tourists.In fact, Dali hotels, restaurants a lot, just to Dali to the people it is more than look at the customs and habits, sightseeing tour of small, private yard and the ancient city of Dali, it is a part of folk.    Dali small private courtyard First name sounds good, pure heart as garden, Gui Yuan and other ranks, but also to ensure House as the name implies, the hospital its name.    Dali Bai housing construction is extremely luxurious, all brick glazed tile, eaves always played wing, and part of the wall is to be whitewashed, the expanse is necessary to decorate flowers, painters, though not very particular, but painted seriously, write the rules, not complicated painting, color is not strong, fresh and elegant.Unlike most buildings when Bai Han is a small courtyard into the courtyard of the screen wall, screen wall high out of the first, whitewashed wall, surrounded by a surface Qinghui get out of line, painting flowers on the corner, a big wall in many books blessing word, there are two sides Babbitt, nothing to write.The top corners of the walls of glazed tile is made up of winged shape, the wall is the bluestone-paved garden, the front yard is the main hall, both sides are building house, now a small hospital hall general Bai unchanged, the building houses for the sun guarantee sunny courtyard, still maintaining the original style, while the other side of the building houses mostly built into 2-3 layers of reinforced concrete small building, which is more practical than the old houses, more comfortable to live in, but also added a little modern vitality.Of course, this house is a family of relatively well-off people can afford to cover only, a small courtyard homes of ordinary people, but also with glazed tile corners up to be a wing of the door first, no screen wall, momentum is weak and more.The walls of these houses walls are mostly people piled up with large and small stones, and these stones are not only different sizes, but also parks, ranging from parties, which made know to build a house of his father does not understand, because we have a home a river, the river bed full of pebbles, stones of equal size can find a lot, but never used the village to build a house, which is not too bad, they really know how to use stone walls.Dali Bai these stone walls, only to see a face next to a stone, while the walls are straight and strong.The wall of a long life layer of green moss, and then hang wisteria, more of a natural and simple beauty, Dali is the wisdom of the people, from simple stone walls can be seen.    Bai small courtyard and everyone is more attractive place to grow flowers and grass, which is a traditional Bai people, as I am now living in a small hospital, the hospital has a corner rockery pond, clear water with fish swimming in the pool there is more vine gable and over, along with gold bamboo walls, gardenia, azalea, camellia, Camellia is the city flower of Dali, of course, most orchids, orchid varieties and quantity of Dali in the country is second to none.There is also a courtyard around a person’s hold, it is said to have a century-old sweet-scented osmanthus tree, if in autumn, garden trees scattered osmanthus, aroma alley outside tens of meters can smell, of course, there are so many flowers garden, even sweet-scented osmanthus is not open, but also the flow of aroma in the air every day.    Dali lived private yard.Feeling has returned to their homes, because fewer people live, no noisy guests, and these small hospital in a secluded alley and more and more of its rustic charm shop, but as long as along the front yard of green stone road walk tens of meters, distance noisy foreigner street, this is the ideal modern home.Feel at home but also in the small courtyard masters, and more than businessmen, they generally have their own work, but also to receive guests in their own homes, commercial flavor to lighter, human touch heavier, Dali Bai is a country with a thousand years of cultural origin ethnic, folk customs honest, and treat people polite and restrained, not too warm and people can not stand, but always considerate to various needs of the guests, so that people far away in the township of its kind to feel at home.To the first day of Dali’s father due to lack of acclimatization, abdominal pain, vomiting, not eating, the owner of a small hospital noodles, porridge, greetings, caring, sincere people moving, because the owner of a small hospital to find a lot of trouble, when to go, we have to pay a bit more, the hospital owner determined not to, it makes me endless emotion that do business with brother.    I like to live Dali private small courtyard, the evening and frogs, cicadas, under cold glazed tile cold moonlight reflection, small courtyard diplomacy wrong lane and houses hazy outline, it will be brought back many fond memories of my childhood.If you get up early in the morning, you will see the ancient city shrouded in a cloud of gray-blue haze, climbed the roof of a small hospital platform, hazy, the silence, the ancient city wall in front of the tower, even more solemn, looking ancient walled city the ancient city of Dali, who always hook mind, pays homage to the man in martial arts Dali’s romantic anecdotes abundance feats, you will feel the flow of life was so short, the ancient city wall is still there, but people do, life has no idea how many there have been a reincarnation.    I like to live Dali private small courtyard in the ancient city of quartzite on the road tired, back to the hospital to move a small bamboo knitting chair, sweet-scented osmanthus tree’s shade to sit, look at two Jia Ping – wa ‘early Shangzhou recorded “, consciousness gradually blurred, in the half-asleep, his thoughts will be flying everywhere, from when you wake up in this chaos, there was a passion, the owner of a small hospital to send you over a cup of tea locally you will be warmly invited him to sit down, you want to talk to him, talk to this ancient city to sit and talk about this nation, just this time the owner, also without incident and was in high spirits, he would move out of stack album, open the album, I start from his ancestors, so you know this little courtyard generations of joys and sorrows, ups and downs of the ancient city, also confirms this fall of nations kurong.    Dali lived private small courtyard, like tourism, like taking a trip, like back home after a long absence.   [Editor: Can children]