Years ago the mysterious disappearance of fishing Medusa No. sudden, there is a missing boat but looks thirty years of age had not changed sailors.They through time and space yet?Or is this all stems from the supernatural Bermuda Triangle area strange?Through time and space of a fishing vessel September 17, 2011, Canadian ports Snape, sitting in the command center of the attendant Charlie being carefully inspect the situation of the sea, suddenly, a mysterious fishing boat appeared in his line of sight.How is this going?Snape belong to the military port, is not allowed civilian vessels to dock, Charlie immediately send radio warnings, let fishing boats to stop for inspection.Surprisingly, it received no orders from Italy, still unhurried coming toward port.Charlie side of this fact to their superiors, while the increase in electronic magnification telescope, in order to see more clearly – oddly, this is the boats of the old fishing boat!Canvas dilapidated, covered with moss words of the left side of the ship, Medusa numbers can still be seen.More surprising is the fishing boat seems to have lost momentum, the crowd coming toward Snape port.Charlie is a veteran of many years on duty at sea, but this self-floating unmanned boat was the first time they see.Soon, two police boats out of the harbor, to gradually drift near Medusa surrounded No..Charlie and jumped into the water police boats, careful search.And no prohibited items on board, but the operating table covered with dust and cobwebs, engine fuel tank also had dried up, and even tubing and wiring have been rusty, clearly there for decades no one used the.Such an almost scrapped ship, neither power and unmanned, is how to port it to drift?Suddenly, two Marine Police searched the cabin at the bottom with startling discovery: there are people on board!It is alive!We surrounded them, the depth of the mystery man had fallen into a coma loaded onto the deck, carefully observed.This is about as big as a twenty-year-old young man, medium build, head injuries, who have a lot of blood.Charlie will quickly sent him to the rescue.Then, under the directives of superiors, Medusa number was dragged into a secret warehouse away from the dock.The next day, armed guards outside the warehouse is already three steps Kong, Buyi post.How an ordinary fishing boat caused such protection?Charlie Hudson inquire about the veteran navigator.Hudson already know the ins and outs of working out a yellowed log, above a record number Medusa has been folded a corner: April 4, 1978, sunny, original thirty years ago, when Snape port or civilian port.Medusa number from the port of departure, carrying a dozen crew and captain Reese fishing, oddly enough, row boat about 800 nautical miles when the radio of a sudden, after Medusa just evaporated as the same number again there is no return, the crew is alive but no one is dead but not dead.According to meteorological department report, Medusa number of missing that day, the whole sea area weather is nice, you do not have storm.Medusa number so magically disappeared!But, no one thought today, thirty years later, the number was missing Medusa ghostly back, but also a living on board!They are coming through time and space do?Charlie frowned: crossing?I do not believe that there are such absurd things!No, it’s true!Hudson said that Captain Reese and I are good friends, you look at the signature page of this log, they set sail that day, I did record navigation!Also, in my mind, ‘Medusa No’ side of the ship where there is a hanging cable?Shaped scratches, and now it still scratches, just as clear years ago!Hudson certainly look to see, Charlie also some shaken, he could not help but ask: When the ‘Medusa’ number in which ocean is missing?Hudson’s face appeared a look of horror: the Bermuda Triangle Sea.A mysterious sailor reproduce while in Medusa No. conduct a comprehensive inspection, the Canadian Federal Police also sent a detective to investigate the Romon and Stephen mystery.Romon rich experience, repeatedly breaking mystery, and Stephen is very familiar with the Canadian offshore area, also visited the Bermuda Triangle waters and escaped navigators, they were asked in the shortest time seized the truth.Romon and Stephen has inspected the secret warehouse ghost ship Medusa numbers, and carefully photographed each cabin, sampling.After scanning the computer analysis and comparison, they concluded that: The ship really is thirty-three years ago, missing Medusa No.!Why is it then suddenly disappeared, and now is how arise?It’s been abducted by aliens, or back through time and space it?Now, the only way to solve the mystery of that is down from the ship that rescued young, but he still unconscious, and Stephen Romon closely watching his every.A week later, Luo Meng received the news, the patient regained consciousness, he excitedly and Stephen drove straight to the hospital together.Patients were secretly placed in a single room, the room is outside specialized medical staff, corridor and rooms are arranged for guards.This is the name of the man claiming to be called Tony looks but more than 20 years old, pale skin, body twitching nervously, and Stephen saw Romon, he excitedly raised his upper body: I want to go home!Why you put me here?Look on his face was full of anger, there is also a peculiar words and vague Southern accent.Finally, Romon with cigarettes made trust the young man, he pretended not intend to ask Tony: What year is this, do you remember?Tony replies without hesitation: April 1978, April, I’m not sure how many days in a coma.We looked at each other, which is both surprising and yet people expected answers – Tony coma early in time, they have repeatedly checked his pile of belongings: a yellowed black and white photo of the year the United States Medusa numbers of all the crew of the photo, shooting time is indeed 30 years ago and the first person to the left of the photo, it is in front of Tony; one would have to stop using the old ID card, Romon people inquest after confirmation ID card is true; and Tony body, there are a few old version of the Canadian dollar bills, a waterproof watch, lighter, sexy girl pictures then, Tony said of his experience: Medusa No. sail soon encounter to the cod fish.Fishing boats at the same time enjoy fishing, but unknowingly into the Bermuda Triangle Sea.That evening, had clear skies suddenly darkened, then foggy, in time we surprised a moment of God, compass ship suddenly failed, when the lights off next time around, a strange shrill noise linger in the cabin, all people are headache, nausea.Tony was working bilge valve repair, this strange feeling made him see stars, a splitting headache, and soon fainted when he woke up, he had already here in the hospital.Tony’s too strange for words hard to believe, a few old items alone can not distinguish between true and false Tony.So, Romon men and devoting himself, and got Tony’s relatives and neighbors.They saw Tony, involuntarily screamed in unison say: He is Tony!Regardless of stature, looks, sounds, and even hairstyles are exactly thirty years ago!However, we also deeply puzzled, why so many years, he was not even the slightest change it?Subsequently, Romon letting relatives ask some details of his life: What is the name of his parents?What are the annual birthday gifts received?Three were moved to live somewhere?The front of this man speak no less!Two weeks later, Romon and Stephen Tony use every means test, the result remains: Today, this Tony is missing Tony thirty years ago.Even more than the blood of the year when Tony hospital birth record, but also exactly the same.Think of all sorts of mysterious legend of the Bermuda Triangle: the mysterious disappearance of aircraft and ships, UFOs infested, huge sea monster appeared Does the re-emergence of Medusa and Tony’s number, but also a science can not explain the mystery event?A sly scam two weeks later, without the slightest progress in the investigation, Romon also felt confused.That day, he’s still got Stephen, they both went quietly stay in the warehouse of Medusa aboard again.Fishing mottled rust, a look that is abandoned for many years, but why can Tony still young, yet no trace of aging?At this point, Stephen slipped his flashlight to go, turned out to be a small piece of green seaweed.In the light of a flashlight, this piece of seaweed even issued a faint fluorescence.Stephen heart of a dynamic, gently scrape algae, put into transparent bags.After testing that, it is called rabbit ears algae freshwater algae.Freshwater algae can not live in the sea, indicating Medusa numbers had been entering the freshwater zone.Fresh water?Seem to see a ray of light from darkness, Stephen strongly suppress their excitement, I checked the information and found that the distribution of scarce rabbit ears algae, grown only in South America freshwater islands near the equator, and according to the extent of corrosion of the hull number Medusa judgment, the ship stopped over at least two decades in the environment of high temperature and rainfall.Only grows in the vicinity of the islands of the South American equator rabbit ears algae, hot and rainy environment is every indication that this number Medusa thirty years has not docked in Bermuda waters belong to the boreal!Well, it’s after missing Bermuda, where it went?Romon eyes fell to the various islands near the equator in South America, sent immediately to inquire.To recommend the latest information sauna