[Background] backpackers, also known as ALICE, refers to carrying a backpack, alone or in small groups of people to make long-distance backpacking.Backpackers to those who like mountain climbing, hiking, adventure sports and other stimuli mainly aims to understand the world through travel, self-understanding, the ultimate challenge.According to the China Association of outdoor activities, beginning in 2007, Chinese backpackers to participate in various outdoor activities at an annual rate of 2 million increase, which more than 90% of urban young people under the age of 35.However, this hiking and adventure has a great risk, in just four years time ago, there have been 276 backpackers were killed for various reasons!Early April 2011, graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, South China University of Technology 25-year-old veteran backpackers Wei Yan, alone travel to Tibet.Wei Yan graduated from junior high school began to often travel alone, college is traveled half of China.Her independent and strong, rich travel experience in the domestic several well-known backpacker clubs are very influential.But since April 23, she suddenly lost contact with their families, no audio.A week later, his family alarm, attracted the attention of police Sichuan Yunnan provinces, have to deploy more police around looking for.Millions of users several major sites all networks, End of the World Forum and the China Network ALICE, backpackers build network, but also through various channels to help find.However, after more than a month, so that everyone has heard the shocking news: Wei Yan as early as April 26 killed on the!Our reporter multi-depth interviews, uncover the truth behind the scenes which shocked the country backpacker murder case, a senior backpackers looking for the sudden disappearance of all walks of life came the bad news April 25, 2011, who lives in Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, Li Jing to get up early in the morning after Wei Yan gave daughter sent a text message asking where she traveled to.Be a morning passed, Wei Yan did not return messages.Li Jing dialed her cell phone, but has been shut down tips.Li Jing feel uneasy, to comfort her husband Wei Mingjun said: Do not worry, No. 1 May as planned in relation to her back.People often travel to remote because of which, no cell phone signal, it is not possible to contact with the outside world.Li Jing This little relieved, she thought, her daughter in the tens of thousands of local backpackers, considered outstanding, should not cause accidents.Wei Yan Weiming Jun is the couple’s only child, was born in mid-October 1986.Wei Mingjun couple early run advertising companies, tens of millions of family property.But they do not spoil her daughter, but her efforts to cultivate self-reliance, dares daring spirit.Wei Yan junior high school graduation, summer vacation will go alone Guilin Tourism.After go to college, she went to every summer vacation travel.She also set up their own travel blog.In a blog post, she recorded her distress remember the 2008 trip in the mountains of Jilin Yanbian: At the time, she suddenly encountered a black bear attacks, dodge the rolling down a small hill, climb up and saw black bear is still not behind hot pursuit homes, scared her wits.She Jizhongshengzhi, flapping on the ground, motionless and play dead.Black bear catch up, sniffing at her for a long time, thinking she was dead, slowly leaving.This blog attracted hundreds of bloggers have thread, everyone praised her brave.July 2009, after graduating from the University of Wei Yan, Guangzhou, a foreign company hired her to do the translation.She may work only for three months, you can not stand complicated daily affairs and entertainment, travel resignation.Since then, she began working half tour half way of life, a time to travel a couple of months, come back to Guangzhou to find a new job.At the same time play, Wei Yan also adhere to the study, in addition to proficiency in English, she also studied French and Japanese, so very easy to find a job.By early 2011, Wei Yin’s footprints have been all over the Northeast, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Beijing and Shanghai-Hangzhou and other half of China.Early April 2011, she quit just did three months of foreign language teachers, the back of the pack again.This time, she traveled route is to fly to Kunming, Yunnan Diqing Prefecture go play, then walk and ride to Sichuan Ganzi, Qamdo to last from Ganzi, to Lhasa, the whole program period of one month.When she went out, Li Jing as usual again checking her luggage, and repeatedly told: come back early!Wei Yin arms around her mother’s neck, like a baby: Mom, whatever the outcome, I can be considered a veteran ‘backpacker’, they do not encounter 12 earthquake, I will come back safely!Wei Yan went out every day or two to make a phone call Li Jing, a massage or take snapshots, and many of her friends from her information updated in all network and a blog about her whereabouts.However, by May 1, Wei Yan still on schedule to go home, the phone has been shut down.Wei Mingjun couple hunch is not good, day to Haizhu District of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau police.Unable to determine where is Wei Yan positions, they were to Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet police the police.At the same time, Wei Yan’s relatives and friends and college classmates have adopted microblogging, all networks and various forums backpackers tracing information sent to netizens.After a network called ALICE Rye seen tracing information, Replies, said April 25 that he had met in 6740 and Wei Yan Rye House Inn near Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Deqin County flying Temple.After that, he watched Wei Yan to catch a red truck, moving to the Ganzi.After seeing a tracing information in Shenzhen ALICE, take the initiative to call Weiming Jun, said he was on the train to Yunnan met with Wei Yan, but he only played in Yunnan week returned to Shenzhen.4 26 morning, he worked with Wei Yan exchange text messages, Wei Yan said they were on their way.According to information provided by netizens, the police will eventually Wei Yan missing locked in place Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province.Police Derong, Xiangcheng, Daocheng, Batang other four county public security Bureau of Ganzi Prefecture Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment immediately coordination territory to find.June 24, Wei Yan disappearance breakthrough, a man named Wu Yi was arrested suspects.Sadly, Wei Yan as early as April 26 that he was killed!Trial, Wu Yi truthful account of the crime was simply unaware of the danger approaching girls miss about at 9:00 on April 26, a young girl carrying a big backpack into the Ganzi county northern suburb of glorification lark gas station.She is away from home more than 20 days of Wei Yan.According to information provided by users, after Wei Yan is Deqin County, Yunnan Diqing flying Temple play, take a big truck go Ganzi.The ride is Wei Yan in many years of travel in most often do.She has repeatedly told people: free ride to spend the least money, look at most of the scenery, encounter all sorts of people to experience the journey of novelty and fun!According to the police investigation later, Wei Yan car truck ride for free after she brought Derong, she intend to go and take a ride 120 kilometers away from Rongxian County of Ganzi Township.So she has come to the gas station next to lark along the road, ready to find a ride.At this point, gas station few cars, a motorcycle is fueling.Wei Yan walked straight up to the motorcycle before the Lord, smiled and said: Brother, what are you going to die?Motorcycle owners called Wu Yi.Faced with this strange girl, he slightly cramped answer: I’m going to Rural County, you doing anything?Wei Yan pleasantly surprised to open their eyes wide, said: Great, I’m going to Rural County!Would you let me free you sit down in your car?Wu Yi some are not happy, was about to refuse, but beheld her chest camera, then changed his mind and agreed.After riding a motorcycle, cheerful personality and initiative Wu Yi Wei Yan struck up a conversation.Wu Yi asked where she came from, where to go, Wei Yan are all answered.You go to Tibet?only you?Wu Yi little surprised.Wei Yan said excitedly: Yes, I go several times to Tibet.Perhaps as a way to pass the lonely, Wei Yan Wu Yi forever to tell their story when backpackers wonderful.Wu Yi she listens, the mind has begun thoughts churning 25-year-old Wu Yi Han Chinese, was born in rural Derong.Only primary school education, he gives by doing odd jobs for a living, you can only earn four to five hundred dollars per month.A year ago, he talked about a waitress at a local restaurant girlfriend, but his low income, has been looked down upon the woman’s family.His girlfriend’s father soon birthday, gifts of money he was worried about this.The same day, he was going to work things Contact Rural County.He’s a bad situation, I heart of the helpless, but seeing that huge backpack Wei Yan and her camera back bulging, he could not move the evil: the girl’s camera looks very high-grade, package there must also have a lot of money.If you get some money from her, you can not buy presents for his girlfriend’s father yet?The thought that he agreed to the request Wei Yan take a ride.Along the way, Wu Yi wondering where to start with robbery.But there have been vehicles to and from the road, he did not find a suitable opportunity.After the motorcycle pulled out over 30 kilometers, Wei Yan suddenly exclaimed: Brother, can not stop it?I would like to take a few photos Liugejinian.Wu Yi feel pleased, I thought, the opportunity to come!After Wei Yan jumped out, he went to the side of the road, facing the distant undulating hills excited to shoot non-stop.Wu Yi support a good motorcycle, I looked around, on both sides of the car just did not come.He stared at his back Wei Yan, his hands clenched fist, softly and slowly walked.At this point, his heart trembling, after all, he had not done anything illegal and criminal thing.To recommend the latest information sauna