A woman quite pretty countryside, gamblers bear her husband’s abuse, fled the city in alone at home, a retired headmaster made a nanny.She did not expect that, but follow from unscrupulous husband.After learning the identity of the employer, his wife began to force the implementation of a crazy plan to make money, and their personal safety threat.For a time, she struggled to choose migrant workers, female nanny who turned out to be a sad beginning of 2010, Luo Zhiyuan, who lives in Heping District of Shenyang City, looking for a nanny through an intermediary housekeeping service center to take care of their daily diet.Nanny named Wushu Yan, 35 years old.According Wushu Yan told myself, her man because of an unexpected accident died, a person can not live in the countryside, and only then 9-year-old daughter threw home to parents to take care of two years ago, a man went to the city to work.Wushu Yan who looks handsome, clean, fair-skinned, and his face is often stranger spoke again in a burst of blush.Perhaps her simple appearance and poor family moved Luo Zhiyuan, he willingly hired her, Baochibaozhu 1200 dollars a month, homesick When are you can go back and look.Wushu Yan kept thanks Luo Zhiyuan, said that his family may have saved himself, the family of the old families to small, are waiting for her to go back to it to make money!Luo Zhiyuan before retirement, is the principal Shenyang a provincial key middle school, two years ago after his wife’s death, the family three-bedroom house only one person lived.Luo Zhiyuan son and daughter are already married, his son abroad, his daughter away in Shenzhen, rarely come back to visit the elderly.After Wushu Yan came to Luo, Luo Zhiyuan offered her a bedroom and told her that her job is on time every day to cook, clean the house once a day, other times she can freely dispose of.Wushu Yan Luo Zhiyuan done at home for two months, her hands and feet neat, genial nature, gradually Luo Zhiyuan feel a bit inseparable from this simple diligent nanny.He was not well, he had previously hired two nannies, nanny but those are not watching TV all day is not good work, just put him fool in the past, is 手脚不干净 make his home a few small objects inexplicably missing.Since Wushu Yan came, Luo Zhiyuan life is very meticulous care, the body is much better than before.He was very pleased, this finally found the right nanny.Luo Zhiyuan happy did not take long to find some unusual state of Wushu Yan.When I first came, Wushu Yan are in a good mood every day, but now some eyes, slack, his smile was gone.Once, Luo Zhiyuan middle of the night to write something in the library, or even heard Wushu Yan secretly hiding in the bedroom sobbing voice.The next day, Luo Zhiyuan asked her if she was not homesick, but also come up with 2000 yuan to Wushu Yan, let her go home to see children.Wushu Yan was waved their hands: No, no, I do not want to go back.Luo Xiaozhang, you are a good man, I’m picking up your mind, you give me a month’s pay a lot, and I can not keep bringing you money.In fact, the real worry Wushu Yan tears are not children in the home, but her vampire-like gambler husband Season with sea.Young, Wushu Yan is home to ten rural notoriously great beauty.She had wanted to go to college to change their fate, but her bright future in the Middle School that year was to break the sea even quarter.One day after going to night classes, the way Wushu Yan is home season with the sea to pull into the woods of the mountain, in fear and pain are its rape.She wanted this nightmare in the past as soon as possible, but unfortunately, on the eve of college entrance examination two months later, she found herself unexpectedly pregnant!Wushu Yan after furious parents know, to sue the season with sea.That year season with the sea but also in their twenties, is the most famous street rogue, relied on his father season Fuchun township cement plant director, family money, do not go to school early in the day wandering the streets, do some gambling fight, sly activities.Later, Ji Wu Fuchun bring matchmaker to propose marriage, said the children love doing something outrageous things are inevitable, since the matter has now, you might as well give them a pro-set, a good two years to make arrangements about marriage.Wushu Yan’s parents are honest people, am still felt too ashamed to court, so should at this marriage.In 2001, Wushu Yan gave birth to a daughter Sisi.The thinking of having children, season with sea will live well, who knows he saw a newborn child, and dove into the field see, ten days did not come home.Wushu Yan getting desperate for the season with the sea, thought it not at home when the man, himself a people brought children can.Monthly wages are gambled, season with sea did not find the money to their parents, do not pay him even sixty-year-old parents are playing.In 2007, due to the severe pollution of the county consolidation of small businesses, season Fuchun cement plant because the environmental standards are not sealed.Factories closed down, Wushu Yan and season with sea became all laid-off workers, about the season Fuchun also become much older.No source of income, season with sea Wushu Yan jewelry secretly put out to sell, and later developed into the furniture at home away against the gambling debts.Bet red eyes, season with sea could not get the money, took his wife home to get a flat, submissive so that quarter of Wushu Yan even more insatiable sea, once he Wushu Yan tied up play, have suffered two broken sticks, but for Wushu Yan doom shouting drew her mother, I am afraid she will be killed this gambler.Year after year by the end of 2009, Wushu Yan took the children back to her family live, keep up the season with sea proposed divorce.Season with the sea but carry a knife ran: You have to mention divorce, I will kill your whole family light!Run into such a plague rogue, who is there any way?In desperation, Wushu Yan daughter stay in the parents’ home, the car came to a man secretly working in Shenyang.Seduce employers, tough choices is a dash of frustration fairness, Wushu Yan Luo Zhiyuan feel at home nanny last few months, since she is married ten years the happiest period of time.Every day do not have to worry about the season with the sea like a vicious beatings, sleep at night can be a lot of peace of mind.Luo Zhiyuan family has a lot of books, Wushu Yan used to love to read, and now she finished work every day you can read a book, which is totally ideal life.After coming to Shenyang, she had little contact with the family.When she asked to call their parents, do not tell their own to even the season sea.The reason why she concealed her husband’s case to Luo Zhiyuan, did not want to let the guy and then season with sea bothering her.However, she did not take long to Shenyang, season with sea in order to hide a gambling debt also came from his home in Shenyang.Season with sea bought a tricycle by Lajiao a living, he also do everything possible to find out from where a cousin of Wushu Yan to his wife’s phone.One day, season with sea called the Luo Zhiyuan home phone, found the Wushu Yan.He let Wushu Yan came out to meet him, Wushu Yan dodging want to go, two people so a stalemate ten days.Later, season with sea made a ruthless: you do not come out to see me, I will now go back to her parents a torch to burn you to the cleaners!Wushu Yan had met with the sea Season.Wushu Yan came to see, even sea surface unexpectedly emerged in the season never had tenderness.Season with sea Q: The old man is not a president it?He must be very money.He, he did not like how you put it?Wushu Yan was very angry, said Luo Xiaozhang not the kind of person, so do not talk nonsense season with the sea.Season with the sea to see her angry, and Xipixiaolian said he heard that the city has a lot of nanny to accompany bed, on the one hand to help the owner housework, but also to accompany the man of the house to sleep on the other hand, such a nanny can earn thousands a month yuan.He also said that if Wushu Yan to provide special services for the old guy, he will not object, as long as she can give yourself a month to pay 3,000 yuan fine.Wushu Yan now that her husband has become worse than beasts, then got up and want to go.Season with the sea and stopped Wushu Yan, face to face hit her a slap in the face, forcing her to give him a month from next month to pay 3,000 yuan.He also fiercely threatened that if Wushu Yan not to pay the money, he can not also people’s gambling debts, he’ll kill again Wushu Yan suicide.Anyway, now I feel alive nor do you mean the!Luo Zhiyuan back home, shut the bedroom door Wushu Yan good cry.She felt his future is uncertain, not from divorce, season with the sea like a piece of rotten plaster as tightly sticking her, she really does not know how to do.Luo Zhiyuan see her lying in an afternoon out, you knock on the door and asked her body was not uncomfortable, Wushu Yan said she had some cold.Night, Luo Zhiyuan cook done up and eat some dishes let Wushu Yan.Luo Zhiyuan said: my food although no you do well, but also make do eat.I bought you some medicine, you eat, two days cold enough.Originally, Luo Zhiyuan fear of Wushu Yan’s condition, but also specifically to buy cold medicine Wushu Yan.Eating dinner, Wushu Yan sad to think that even the sea when the season so tenderly cared about ourselves?Luo Zhiyuan if the matter sorted out if they have been together, it would be wonderful life ah!She may also feel that this is not possible, their status, etc., knowledge, how can it worthy Luo Zhiyuan?Season with the sea in order to get money to repay, but still try to turn themselves around to push another man, take him and Luo Zhiyuan than a really big difference.In her mind, and even had a kind of want to get revenge season with the sea idea: You do not have to derail me?Then I went out to see you, I want you to know that I also want someone!She also, Luo Zhiyuan here if the money did you get from the sea even to the season, the completely off their relationship, their future could start a new life.Under this and the complex psychological, Wushu Yan decided to seduce the Luo Zhiyuan.Since then, Wushu Yan often wear pajamas in the room and turn.She thought, Luo Zhiyuan although older, but as a normal man, there will be a normal physiological needs.As long as the intimate relationship between two people happened, he would have grown to like their own, and then slowly find a way to throw off the season with the sea, completely broke up with him.After dinner, Luo Zhiyuan like to watch TV, every time this time, Wushu Yan went to the living room to mop the floor.She deliberately wearing the collar was very large clothes, no bra, swinging in front of Luo Zhiyuan, especially when bent, on several occasions, her peripheral vision to see Luo Zhiyuan, were found in his eyes about very naturally mobile.Wushu Yan was secretly delighted, so a decision to implement a plan.That night 11 o’clock, Wushu Yan suddenly in his bedroom cried, Luo Zhiyuan heard movement ran over to see Wushu Yan wrapped in sheets and kept writhing on the bed, said his stomach pain.Luo Zhiyuan got busy to give her pain medication, and pour the water, and asked her not to go to the hospital right away.Wushu Yan said no, it was her doing it, as long as some medicine like massage.Wushu Yan Luo Zhiyuan pull the hand, let him give her a massage belly.Luo Zhiyuan moment embarrassed, not knowing what to do, he did not dare look at Wushu Yan: This is not right, you really uncomfortable, I send you to the hospital right.Wushu Yan Luo Zhiyuan suddenly hugged, whispered in his ear and murmured: Actually, I really like you Luo Zhiyuan nervously pushed open Wushu Yan, struggling stood up.Luo Zhiyuan lifetime abstinence, after his wife’s death, although lonely life, but the couple Wife Duhou, he has not remarried ideas.Luo Zhiyuan back to the bedroom, lit a cigarette, thought for a long return good for evil, the fate of the ups and downs usher in spring next day, Luo Zhiyuan and Wushu Yan made a long talk.Luo Zhiyuan said he and his wife is a college student, and later graduated from the same school teaching, two people loved each other for a lifetime, thick Song.After his wife died, he often miss her.Ten years between life and death, does not consider, since the memorable, Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak Luo Zhiyuan not help reciting a verse, followed by torrential tears.Shut up, Luo Xiaozhang, I was wrong, as do the later.Wushu Yan Luo Zhiyuan infatuation was deeply touched by her willingness to give up that shit’s plan to make money, a good day to run their own.Luo Zhiyuan said: Xiao Wu, you come to my house not a short time, I love you so diligent people.I would like to ask you, now you is not what is urgent need of money, or else how would do that?Said, Luo Zhiyuan took out a book, there are something like 20,000 dollars, you can have it.Wushu Yan said nothing then passbook.Next, she cried to her marriage with the sea and season to tell Luo Zhiyuan listen.Luo Zhiyuan hear, sigh: Oh, really easy!Do not be afraid, now is the legal community, you can be sure this case of divorce.You can apply to the court, if necessary, I can help you.Season with the sea did not give up caring for the Luo Zhiyuan.Later, he gave Wushu Yan tried several times to call, asked her: how well things are going.Wushu Yan told him not wishful thinking, and stated rightly said: that you kill me, I will not do that unconscionable thing!Wushu Yan’s attitude to the season and even the sea was furious, he excessive gambling owed a debt ass in the home, of which there are more than 100,000 yuan of loan sharks, to earn some money though, but the monthly income of all Shenyang Lajiao he squandered.Not long ago, usurer removed links to him and told him there was no time to repay, he would rush over to pick up his hamstring!Although the season with the sea to play hard have a wife, but the face of the real outlaws he was too frightened.Look Wushu Yan disobedient, he had cornered a crazy idea.Season with sea Wushu Yan called out after dinner, pretending to send back Wushu Yan.Luo has been sent to the door, even the season yet willing to go back to sea.No way, Wushu Yan had to let him into the house.That day, not just Luo Zhiyuan out activities at home, season with sea wandering around in the house, nagging himself: this old house can be really big ah!Indeed when the president, it really is about a rich man thing to 21:00, and Luo Zhiyuan made a phone call would be returning soon, Wushu Yan hurried season with sea let go quickly.Season with the sea suddenly face downcast, carry out the Wushu Yan rope tied to her bedroom, but also with her mouth taped shut.Now you listen to me, I want to rob the old man, what better to pretend you do not know.I finish this vote her debts, to take you back home.Season with the sea says otherwise, if I go to jail for you have nothing good, but I can not forgive you out!At 10 am, came the door open.Season with the sea from the kitchen took a fruit knife standing in the door, locked the door after coming Luo Zhiyuan, season with sea rushed to Cook knife to his neck.He controlled the Luo Zhiyuan came to study, but also with a rope tied up the Luo Zhiyuan.Season with the sea quickly pulls out a gold watch from the den and two bedroom, l million in cash and digital cameras as well as antique paintings and other items.He also got these greedy, and forcing Luo Zhiyuan say the passbook password, and then knocked out.Just when the season is about to abscond with the sea, Wushu Yan suddenly ran out the door.It turned out that she was on the edge of the bed mill broken rope tied hands.Wushu Yan shouted: put something down, you do not have the opportunity to go to jail!Saying things pounced to grab the hands of the quarter with the sea, the sea even panic-stricken quarter, lifted a chair knocked over the Wushu Yan.In order to prevent Wushu Yan betrayed him, he stabbed his wife frenzied knife, then fled.Wushu Yan Renzhaojutong dialed the police, and then fainted.Police then arrived and began to scout the scene, and Wushu Yan rushed to hospital.Luo Zhiyuan learned the truth was very moved, went to the hospital every day to take care of Wushu Yan.A month later, Wushu Yan were discharged, he returned to Luo.Shortly after the season with the sea in Dalian arrested.Five months later, he was court for robbery, intentional assault and sentenced to 17 years.Wushu Yan finally passed to the court, and even sea season officially divorced.After the divorce Wushu Yan, Luo Zhiyuan lent her $ 50,000, she in Shenyang, opened a small restaurant.Soon after, her daughter received around to take care, but will also own the home of a distant cousin introduced to Luo Zhiyuan caregiver, continue to take care of daily living of the elderly.Later, Wushu Yan accepted the pursuit of Shenyang, a local middle-aged divorced men, rediscover their own love.During the May Day 2012, Wushu Yan and loved ones tied the knot.Wedding day, she specifically asked his benefactor Luo Zhiyuan served as a witness.The woman’s suffering and setbacks, finally ushered in the spring of fate