11th century, when the British army in the ancient city of Jerusalem against St. Jean Nasdaq, the Nasdaq was St. Jean man desperate resistance.Lao Shi siege off soldiers, long time no progress.British commanders wheat bridge school this headache.While wheat bridge school worried, with good reason when.One day, fellow soldiers asked to see Lang of: Mr. Colonel, I have something to ask to see the siege as your.Oh, my little fellow, what are your opinions on what this thing siege?Not any suggestions, but I think this way is pretty worth a try.Lang heard talk of siege strategy, Maiqiao colonel happy to open.Soon, the British right again organize a new siege warfare, with the previous difference is offensive, first in the queue is a former brigade soldiers by a group of soldiers led by Lang of many bees carrying boxes of beekeeping people.Troops quickly rushed to the edge of the city of St. Jean, Lang immediate command of those beekeepers throw the beehives on the city wall.All of a sudden, thousands of bees from hives Shuaikai, the overwhelming fly out, people will encounter thorns, the soldiers guarding the city of Jerusalem thorn open eyes, one wah-wah barking, they instantly lose the ability to guard.The British siege troops to attack the momentum, and soon occupied the city.It turned out that the soldiers in the army of Lang is an outstanding beekeepers ago.He came to Jerusalem with the army, the silk of beekeeping interest is not reduced, the gap when fighting, he will love the nearby beekeepers association.After local bees siege plan reported to Colonel Maiqiao, he soon got the weapons needed.