Explore the ups and downs in mid-1964 was born in Langfang City, Hebei Shengfang town Yusuo, not a smooth road to wealth.Entrance exam three times, so he can not help but disheartened, then dropped out of school to start a small business to do.Yusuo sold sunflower seeds, beer, also sold a female seersucker vest, and later worked in a plastics factory salesman, but did not make any money.Chinese New Year in mid-1986, the business failed Yusuo took 100 dollars, ready to run car transport, people did not think they allowed a Car.King on the occasion of a loss, suddenly thought of the gas and shift to make money, so halfway diverted to Renqiu.Renqiu after the first king to live down the street at idle rpm, see a company selling vegetables cylinders, asked a surname Fan Lao Dajie there is no gas, and made an appointment to meet at night.Night, Wang bought a shopping bag just down the apricot, riding a rented bicycle to find elder sister went surnamed Fan.Wang shocked to see, sister’s husband turned out to be a man he saved the.The man said: jade lock, how do you come up, how can you not say hello ah?Wang said the brother, how is your family?Big Brother Yes.Since then the issue is resolved.Wang also from vista.Big Brother let Wang picked up a set of equipment back, and then the responsibility of the big brother to the king of air links.Yusuo riding a borrowed bicycle, the device will pull back home, home to a small shop selling a put, posted a notice.Posted notices, immediately flocked to the customer, when it registered seven or eight sets; Wang a few days to sell more than forty sets, netted one thousand yuan.In the late 1980s, the state began to implement the national pricing and liquefied gas market float dual pricing system.While doing business is not easy, but the price of the two-track system also left considerable profit margins.As the market continues to expand, a few years time, Yusuo won the pot of gold to create wealth.West-East Gas opportunities in 1989, Yusuo established Xiali taxi company, began his first journey to make a living from the wealth of meter.In Yusuo view, bottled gas obviously can not become their own career, when fortune does not mean business.When operating taxi companies, fueling his car from the huge overhead saw the huge market of petroleum products.At that time the oil is monopolized by the state, but Yusuo still see the market trade in the petrochemical space.Although the petrochemical business and do not have much direct wealth brought it to him, but as he has accumulated intangible asset in this industry – including popularity, the market is sensitive to the industry and thinking of the future market.The early 1990s, the downstream natural gas industry began to relent, allowing the state-owned gas wells scattered with the outside world to develop.Yusuo after hearing the news, ventured in Huabei Oilfield pack a few mouthfuls of gas well, officially entered the natural gas industry.At that time, coincides with the Langfang Development Zone was established, with a good reputation and experience in business liquefied gas, without the use of government investment, Yusuo every year set up a new Austrian Gas Co., Ltd. in 1992, and then to market-oriented approach to Langfang Development Zone for gas.Mid-1994, Yusuo extend the advantages, the introduction of piped gas projects in Langfang, Hebei Langfang City became the first city to spend natural gas pipeline.At this point, other domestic gas company has just been born, the new Austrian in Langfang success has been achieved through the accumulation of a lot of professional experience, training a large number of professionals and resources.