She, on each piece of tofu are engraved trademark; she, free shuttle people to visit the workshop, advertising is not worth advertising; she, value of nearly billion last year, two years, opened more than 50 stores soy products; she is Wang Ying tea.Wang Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Tea was originally a British farmer, work in arts and crafts factory, once, she went to the farmers market to sell bean curd day earned 7 quick money, then she quit her job to concentrate tofu.Business is getting better, 1997, Wang decided to do an English tea soybean plants, husband sold the taxi, patchwork financing of 50 million, the factory had been built.Two years later, it has become the largest local soybean plants.She did a good quality tofu, Yiwu, Ningbo and other places nearby customers have her here to purchase.In mid-March 1999, Wang Ying ready to expand the scale of production of tea.But then, suddenly Hangzhou, a soybean plant reached her sell bean curd farmers market.At that time, she’s a box of tofu to sell 18 yuan, 13 yuan and Hangzhou vendors sell.Wang Ying tea prices only fight, but their tofu good quality, high cost, it suffered heavy losses.At this point, she found some of the many years of cooperation dealers back, because Hangzhou tofu manufacturers put the bad day.After tea  Wang Ying began to step out of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou proactive market.But the market performance is not satisfactory, so she came up with two ideas: First, open stores, show their financial strength.In September 2000, the first soy stores opened in Hangzhou.The second is the construction of the factory in Xiaoshan visit the corridor, with a free shuttle got me to the public to visit.Not only satisfy the curiosity of consumers, but also allow consumers eating at ease.The first half of 2005, Wang Ying tea soy products have occupied 30% of the Hangzhou market, but a new problem has cropped up: someone impersonating her tofu basket.Wang Ying tea tofu basket inside engraved with the name of her husband’s ancestral name registered trademark of the word, tofu pour out, there are two words above, the competitors tried their best, at a high price to get her basket, so fake.I did not expect really have no responsibility for the wholesalers reselling the basket out, a time of telephone complaints after another.The desperate Wang Ying tea thought of a way: the dealer to get it back a few baskets, baskets tofu to sell him a few, do not take the basket back, would rather not do business.Basket under control, she regained the trust of consumers.In 2005, Wang Ying tea sales of more than 9,000 yuan, her tofu only occupied the local market, but also out of the country into the European and North American markets.My goal is that there are Chinese, there my tofu and soy products.Wang Ying tea for the future is full of longing.Wang Ying tea very attentive to establish a brand image.Tofu everywhere in China, but have not seen anyone give tofu a registered trademark, Wang Ying did tea, also carved into the brand tofu.In marketing, she did not choose popular way to advertise, but to take a method of marketing experience, allow consumers to visit.Get down to the bean so deep, so thoroughly.Bean is a small goods, but also can do bigger.Designed to small entrepreneurs from small to large, from good to great, big fear is out of control after.Many firms are not down on the market, but fell in a wide variety of temptations, so to maintain a sense of balance.