Just pan steaming yellow bun, rice wine brewing lingering taste, color, such as amber, Connaught Deng Salt with 3 years before curing Connaught Deng ham made myoglobin white fat, white guitar with steamed meat juice after filling into aroma filled “a Bite of China” launch, unprecedented not only defeated the popular TV series, quickly stood on the hot topic of microblogging charts, and even a lot of people do not watch much TV set does not have a ground view, in the warmth co-flow of saliva and tears.Even more amazing is that it actually caused a sensation at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.The documentary’s director exactly what kind of expert?CCTV documentary directing Chen Xiaoqing, born in 1965 in Anhui Lingbi, the father is a high school principal, together with the natural intelligence of his family early development, you can directly enter the third grade level juvenile prodigy that belong to school before.When the college entrance examination scores good, Chen Xiaoqing was admitted to Beijing Broadcasting Institute, studying professional photography.After reading graduate student, Chen Xiaoqing into the China Central Television, began his career in documentary.Chen Xiaoqing into the CCTV, the first in the “local stations 30” working with local stations to establish extensive contacts.But at that time he did not shoot the film, stayed a year or two have a chance to touch the camera, to an area of more than a dozen counties in Hainan almost took over, letting things be shot out of a two knives to compile bad since then, Chen Xiaoqing determined to make their own director.Opportunity came in 1991, the South flood, the water of the Huaihe River village surrounded by many small islands.Chen Xiaoqing was ordered to shoot the film with a flood of protest, named “Island Chronicle”, after good reviews in the CCTV broadcast, the State Council Information Office also instructed to have it made in English.Chen Xiaoqing during the “island Chronicle” made in English, but also with colleagues in Anhui Taiwan began planning a new film – “home far away in Beijing”.The film is a reflection of life nanny, on this topic, Chen Xiaoqing early on when studying the idea of moving off.Several times the train to go home, and the girls in Beijing nanny car trip, listen to them deliberately rolled tongue when speaking, he said the Beijing dialect, Chen Xiaoqing find it very interesting, especially in that situation want to use the camera to shoot down.Beijing dialect theory seems a mere change of language habits, but also reflects the fact nannies many psychological, physiological changes in the pursuit of life and even, in a certain sense also be seen changes in Chinese society.Chen Xiaoqing and the crew with the help of Wuwei County in Anhui Province Women’s Federation, found the 22 first went to Beijing nurse girl, from the moment they leave home to start with the film, has been photographed entering Beijing, doing a family since nanny.Crew set up a temporary, limited funding, only when traveling by train, often inside their own posted money.In his spare time shooting is completed, in order to keep in touch with the nanny who sometimes do not want to go take a look at them filming.Mid-1993, “far from home in Beijing” to participate in the Sichuan International TV Festival, to obtain documentary award.Since then, Chen Xiaoqing became famous in documentaries, for about constantly.When shooting in mid-2006, “Forest Song”, he wanted to shoot a documentary with a foreign way.Do you know how to sell the script writers in Hollywood?Sell a 100-minute movie script, you have to convince investors and within three minutes the director, I must move within us too dry –3 minutes, and then tell me how you want to shoot, where the plot points, the climax where, where are bedding.At first he told his men, must take it attractive to do.As a result, each script writers have been at least four or five times to fight back.With the script, director Chen Xiaoqing let them determine the shooting script, until a shooting, shooting rigorous process to develop every day, day to shoot the animal’s claws, day shoot animal fur, written in great detail, but accidents still continue to occur.In order to capture Changbai Mountain wild boar, where the crew of Wild boar voted on extremely heavy corn, and choose the right location nearby and built a bunker.Soon, wild boar appear.Unexpectedly, a sudden gust of wind blowing, the bunker was blown down, man and photographic equipment completely exposed in front of wild boar.Xianshibumiao wild boar, turned and ran.Before filming, he asked the two sets of senior foreign producers, directors and photographers to do the training to the men, and teach them how to deal with ferocious animals.Finally, they will be taken to a very precious wildlife photography, to 60: 1 ratio included in the documentary 11 set, has aroused great repercussion in foreign countries.Super eat goods life Chen Xiaoqing won several international and domestic TV Festival Award, is a well-known documentary filmmaker, but few people know that he was a food columnist.As early as 10 years ago, he did cuisine show guests seventy-eight television, usually a favorite food tasting and research.Chen Xiaoqing phone, in addition to countless selfie pictures of food, also existed data Beijing and throughout China are hundreds of restaurants, including the name of the restaurant, address, phone, and even a list of the various restaurant’s signature dishes.He had a surprising culinary map.Chen Xiaoqing was nicknamed street sweeping mouth, nothing began a blanket search along the streets of Beijing, who looks pretty good restaurant, you should try to find a chance to go in, and the restaurant’s name and address written down.Chen Xiaoqing said, is the Promulgation of the text allowed him to Beijing snacks a keen interest, he even what you want to find a few snacks described herein Liang Shih-chiu.At that time, Chen Xiaoqing often go there Xidan Qingfeng, Gokokuji and Fusi snack bar, sausage, explosive diarrhea, Chao Gan, Lu Zhu, these civilians cuisine, taste a better than one.The most stunning is that, Nanchizi South Side, a small store, in addition to dalian fire thin leather children Dier crisp stuffing incense, doornail meatloaf also done well.There is also a special thing: deep-fried tofu soup.He started not used, but later eat addicted.A bowl placed row diffuse fried tofu, tofu with a spoon into the master shrimp bran floating hot broth in a few light, and then rewind bowl and a spoon small iron piece, sequentially add the juice fermented bean curd children, sesame, green onion, parsley and chives children, put a teaspoon to rely on Wanbian, was le!Beijing dawn in the middle of winter, sitting under the red walls of Huangchenggener, so drink a bowl, aroma blurred down the pipe down, very comfortable.Chen Xiaoqing food column, scattered in a number of newspapers and magazines.He is keen civilian cuisine, so many of which are written in street food, snail powder, beef noodles, Lu Zhu, another common but these snacks in his pen seemed shine.For example a description of the snail powder: the powder cooked, a full bowl, bathed fried yuba.Poke crispy yuba sheet, a thick layer of the lower layer code placed cut very fine filaments and fungus Suansun filaments, susceptor particles thereof are full of peanuts.Red Fentang set off by white rice, and lettuce underpinning.First sip of soup, although no snail meat, but that is certainly the flavor of the product after the snail and pig repeated close contact in the soup pot.Sometimes, even if invited to a number of relatively high-grade restaurant for dinner, Chen Xiaoqing would never write in the column, a good friend there as a cook, will not write.Not afraid of being thought unjust, he insisted on a philosophy of cuisine: good things do not necessarily spend a lot of money.Chen Xiaoqing EATER skill, as a friend of Zhejiang TV documentary senior editor Xia Yanping experienced the lot back.He was in Beijing to eat worry, as long as send a message to Chen Xiaoqing, they will take the trouble to send text messages to more than a dozen recommendations, and he’s also the National Radiation live map.Chen Xiaoqing never recommend the restaurant’s cuisine, mostly street vendors and civil private kitchens.He first discovered the southern station of the time, people do not know Hangzhou.夏燕平 say.To recommend the latest information sauna