In remote Bojiebier a blacksmith, he was tall, the effort is worth two cows.His skin like blackened stove, always disheveled hair with beard grow knee, eyes bright as though the two red-hot coals.A blacksmith who live at home, not allow anyone to step into his threshold.House is next to the blacksmith’s shop, to serve a customer, but no one saw the blacksmith bought food.People thought he was eating coal for a living, so, no one likes the Bojiebier blacksmith.However, his craft has done extremely well, hundreds of miles, no wonder.And the blacksmith was a superb craft jewelry maker, he made silver and gold jewelry can be comparable with the court craftsmen.His only assistant was a big black wolf, with generally high horse, the wolf ran in a wooden wheel, wheel surrounded by bars stopped, wolves turn the wheel, the wheel and then drive bellows.Bojiebier not far from the village there is a Lake Dan village, the village has a poor widow, she had a son named let, let the full age of fifteen, said to his mother: Mom, we have been working in the fields or enough to eat, I want to learn a craft, 拜波捷比尔 village blacksmith, okay!Mother turned deathly pale, and quickly said: children, what would you say ah!The blacksmith had a bad name, he is said to have killed seven apprentice.Mom, do not be afraid, I will not be killed by him!Children, then up to you!The next day, he went to the village blacksmith Bojiebier door, shouted: blacksmith uncle, uncle blacksmith!Blacksmith Blacksmith out, and asked: small young, what are you arguing about it?Blacksmith uncle, I want to worship you as a teacher.Well, would you please come into the shop.Let go timidly.Blacksmith said: Young man, let me see your strength!Let’s grab a heavy hammer, waving a bit, thrown outside shop.Blacksmith said: Young man, let me see your hands whether dexterity!Let go before the corner spider web, the spider silk to unlock, wrapped into coils, a no broken.Well, let me now take a look at your courage!Let grille door open, the door was a large black wolf, wolf sprang toward young people, but young people do not panic a little, caught the wolf head and neck, pull off its tail, the wolf thrown into a cage.Wolf whining pain, could not help licking wounds.Youth, you passed the exam, I take you as his disciple, but on one condition: you have to find another one farmer, room and board.I’m not your little wages.Well, the master!Three days later to work here.Let returned home and said to his mother: Mom, now we can enjoy a better life!I received a blacksmith apprentice, I promise to pay, three days later I went to him to work, but I’ll find a place, you gave me on the way to eat dry food.Mother son burden put a piece of bread, a bottle of wine, I wish him safe journey.Let say goodbye to his mother, secretly came to the village Bojiebier.Let thought: I worked before, first to inquire about, this is what people blacksmith!So he hid in a haystack movement, observe blacksmiths.When the sun goes down, locked blacksmith blacksmith shop, walked into the room.When the clock on the village church bell tower struck eleven, blacksmith gently opened the door, looked something to all sides, and then cried like a cricket as: Kerry!Kerry!Kerry!My daughter, come on, surrounded by no one!Kerry!Kerry!Kerry!After my loafers, you climb out Come on, I’m waiting for you!Grass rustling sound for a while, a huge black snake crawled in front of the blacksmith, shaking its head a black lily, surrounded by embroidered with gold.Snake Q: Father, what is your message?I took an apprentice, he was the son of a widow of Lake Dan village, called to let.Lake Dan village widow’s son?He will be a handsome young man, I will not object to marry him.Daughter, yes!But he must first become a true master.Now go, and the middle of the night, I have to go.After loafing bid farewell to his father crawling away.Blacksmith looked around and walk down along the river, so still behind.In a four round Liu Hazel grass, blacksmith stopped, so hiding behind a tree.Blacksmith undressed, put clothes into an old willow cave, suddenly he threw away the body of the human skin, but a great otter!When the church clock struck twelve, otter – blacksmith jumped into the river, after a child has the potential out of the water, a fish biting his teeth, greedily eating, after eating, they plunge into the water to go.Every time he always biting a fish out of the water and then eat it.After blacksmith eat, on the shore, put on human skin, and clothed, she became a blacksmith.Let hiding in the hay pile of action observed blacksmith, a series of two days.All this, people do not know.Okay, now I know, you are a monster!But now all this is not to say it.After his heart so decided, he went to the blacksmith, said: teacher, hello!I came to learn the craft!Study began, after three years students have exceeded the master.Once the master said to make: I tell you one thing, three months after the Marquis de Fuermagong marry the daughter of King Island.Fiancee are getting married jewelry, I received their orders.You pick up a good tool to Marquis home to his mansion, there are a lot of gold, silver, precious stones, you first done menial jobs, a month later I came to the finish.Ok!Let replied.So the next day he went home to the Marquis.Very well, master, let my heart happy to think that I show their skills day has finally come!Marquis family treasure more than that, let the diamond, sapphire, emerald are polished.No one had to make do see those rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, better than this, no one has seen.The castle of all people, from the Marquis himself until the porter slaves are full of praise for the young master of the craft, only to provoke Na exception of the Marquis of blue-eyed little girl.But let’s hope to get her praise.She just watched silently from morning to night to make work.One day, leaving only two people and provoke Na.The girl said: apprentice, cute apprentice, you did so good wedding jewelry for my sister, so what do you do for the love you girl?I want to make a necklace as she had never seen before.Apprentice, cute apprentice, you talk about the kind of necklace never seen it!I want a necklace made of pure gold, like the sun flash, worn on the head and neck personally I love my girl.Apprentice, cute apprentice, you gave me this necklace it!Jalan Na, Na provoke a small, but the Marquis de Fuermagong never allow his daughter to marry a jewelry maker rely on a live hands of!Let cute, I love you, I’m not afraid of everything in the world: the poor are not afraid, not afraid of busy, afraid angry father.Let seven nights in a row secretly make a necklace, wearing a neck in a mess on the eighth day of Na necklace.The next day Bojiebier village blacksmith came, he looked back to make do jewelry, frowned and said: Now you’re here, I have nothing to learn, and my first time to see the students than teachers.You are free to open their own shop now, but I ask you to join me in doing three weeks together, I am a person able to fulfill so many orders.Let he agreed, and went to the master of both teacher and student.Monsieur the Marquis!Your orders well, we can do nothing, and my students have done better than I.You pay him the wages.His outstanding work, which is the reward of a daughter of Louis.Marquis finished, the sewn bag of money to throw at the foot of let.Put the money to the poor it!Let proud to say.Middle of the night to make the same mess Na secretly met the girl burst into tears, reluctantly bid farewell to wife.I provoke Na, do not cry!Let comforted her, you see more necklaces, do not forget me.No matter what happens, I will come back to you.The next morning, so that together with the blacksmith left the castle, the village returned to Bojiebier.After a week, blacksmith apprentice said: Let today Gongduo Ma village fair, we have to go early, we Hekou wine on the road!Cheers for the master health!Here’s to your health!Let a drink of wine, actually fell, the original blacksmith penetrate the sleeping drug in the wine, so young people sleeping.Blacksmith with a rope tied to make, when to make wake, dry throat burned in general, and in the teeth blacksmith saw the new file.what!Apprentice, you wake up?Cried the master, you think I’d let you take me tied to your belt, take away my reputation?Never be!Now you’re in my hands, listen to everything I command, you have to marry my daughter loafers.Do not!Let firm answer, I fell in love with Na mess.Then the master took a saw, saw off the right foot to make.Blacksmith Q: You promised loafers with my daughter married yet?Do not.Let categorically answer, I’ll marry your daughter different, I love to mess Na.Then they amputated his left foot blacksmith’s apprentice, Q: Now you with my daughter, loafing marry me?I’d rather die, marry your daughter is different!Let cried.Blacksmith understands that it is not afraid of death.So let’s throw blacksmith again tied in a cart, covered with a straw, his own ride, smoked a horse whip, the horse flew away like lightning.In the evening, they go to the snake country, the blacksmith’s daughter loafing on ruled the country.Loafing impatiently waiting for his father, his father said to her daughter all through the whole.Loafing hate whining creak, to let’s say: If you marry me, put you up in a tower: you can only drink dirty water into a pit of water, eat hard as coal, bitter as bile bread.However, if you do one for me jewelry, gold and silver then you want to have as many gems.Otherwise, I will starve you!Let see the coast there is a tower, no roof, no windows, no doors.No, loafing!Let replied, I married you different, even if I want to spend his last few days in this tower where the expense, I love to mess with Na.My faithful servant, come here!Loafing ordered.At this time, from heaven huge two black vultures, let caught, threw him into a ghastly Tarifa.Let in the tower over seven years, he was drinking rainwater pit, eating hard as coal, such as the bitter bile of black bread, is made of gold and silver gemstone jewelry loafing.Loafing climb to the tower every night, only she can crawl in a small hole in the wall.Thick wall of the tower prison, unable to tear down.Loafing advised lets say: you marry me, you immediately end the suffering.Do not!Let replied, I love to mess Na!Jalan Na is my wife!Let the past seven years have been preparing to escape the terrible tower.For seven years he gained a little bit of gold, silver, and later with a handful of silver ax and hook, made of gold two feet, exactly the same with his past.Finally, he made himself two huge golden wings, light and thin, like feathers,.Let well after all the possibilities for escape, put on gold shoes, leaning against the wall, and so lazy to.Loafing head stretched it in, let it slam its head and neck.Loafing creak whining, open terrible mouth and stuck it into poison Nobuko, but the snake’s teeth on gold shoes.Let picked up a gold ax head fell swoop Zhanla loafing.Let again inserted in the back wings of gold, the silver hook child hanging around the waist, fly to the edge of the tower, and then flew to the home.He also swallows fly higher than the light, when the church bells struck eleven, let down the church tower.From all this vividly 里波捷比尔 village.Let’s blacksmith shop to see blacksmith locked the door, I went to the river.The clock struck twelve, the blacksmith stripped naked, leaving the human skin, become huge otters, sneaked into the river.Then let waved her golden wings to take off, he grabbed the monster of human skin, tucked in the waist, and into the air.He flew for a while on the river, to be called: Hey, Bojiebier blacksmith!Ha, ha, ha!Larry, what do you want with me?Bojiebier blacksmith, I brought you your daughter, loafers news!Larry, you were saying, what brought you news of my daughter?I am not a bird, is let your past apprentice.I’ve had terrible pain black tower for seven years, I slept for seven years bare floor, sky when the roof.I drank seven dirty water, eat seven years hard as coal, such as the bitter bile of bread, your daughter I was tortured for seven years in a row, today I killed its head!Blacksmith called up, sounds like a wounded eagle.Bojiebier blacksmith, the message is not finished!You have never been people!Your people have skin on my waist, and you never now when otters!Blacksmith diving, since there is no one to see the blacksmith.Let flew home.He dropped to the ground, put away the golden wings, knocked on his door.Who middle of the night knock on the door?Mom, I!Let your son!Widow opened the door, happy eyes filled with tears, said: My child, you have been away from home for seven years, I thought you was dead!Mom, I’m alive, alive!Mother son clinging to the head and neck, saw his waist human skin, shocked and asked: children, what is this?This is Bojiebier village blacksmith’s skin, he is not a man, a monster.He killed seven disciples, but also want to kill me.I avenged, I stole his human skin, take him into an otter, so that he will never become the otter!Let finish, the blacksmith of human skin thrown into the burning stove burned.Skin glows bright fire, and pretty soon the whole burnt.So that immediately had something to eat, kissed his mother said: Mom, I’ll be right back, and came back not one person.Children, who you get back together with?I got back together with his fiancee provoke Na, mom.She is not the daughter of the Marquis de Fuermagong it?Yes ah, mom!The next day the wedding was held at the Lake Dan village.Let mess and Na had twelve sons, all of them have seemed like culled.Na mess and let live to a very high number of life, to leave the world on the same day.Exquisite craft on foot gold jewelry maker’s honor has been passed now.