Closed lower division Xu Zhe’s girlfriend, Lin Yan, is a radio division.This work should be running around, but also to give a long radio wheat.Especially in windy weather, wearing plush windproof cap, it is tired to be soft.Lin Yan recently received a new job, make a file called the radio station to listen to the city’s program, collect and record a variety of sounds in the streets.Her first theme is the city’s night.That evening, she collated equipment, Chol has been waiting downstairs.He opened the door, said: The new group Road, right?The new group Road is the city’s famous landmark, lined with sycamore and you have to die of old houses large leaf.In the evening, bars everywhere, voices.Program set it as the first target.Lin Yan chose a high stone, his long radio wheat, toward the mid-air.The sound of noisy at night, a layer pass into the ear, there clink sound, the sound of pouring, shouts, the music suddenly, unexpectedly emitted a shrill scream woman.Lin Yan stunned moment.Looked around, no one seems to notice, apparently only she heard through the radio wheat.Chol see her weird face and asked: how the?The machine is broken?Lin Yan has made a quiet gesture, holding a straw swimming around.Suddenly, the woman’s screams and came to pass.This time, mingled with men angry curses.The man shouted fiercely: I told you to leave, tell you to leave, and today I am not hacked you!Lin Yan jumped from stone and said: fast, which was in the vicinity of murder!Xu Zhe she was shocked and said: What do you mean?Where is the murder?Lin Yan refused to explain, just holding the microphone looking for, but everything is back to normal.She fell back recordings, put in a bag rack ears on Chol ears.Xu Zhe listened for a moment, his face was showing a strange expression.He said: Lin Yan, this is your record just to?Lin Yan nodded his head.Xu Zhe took out his cell phone to find a place in the first three months of news: 10 points last night, the new group Road 18, there was a homicide.A man named Tong strong stabbed his wife with a fruit knife, but police at the time of cleaning up the scene, and even the bodies of the dead and the murder weapon was missing three months ago, only now to record.This is too scary, right.Xu Zhe aside warily looked around, he found not far behind, No. 18 is the new Mission Road.Villa took the tape to go Chol terror alert, I can not agree with Lin Yan.So outrageous thing the police will believe it?She did not want to get into trouble.But Xu Zhe did not want to give up, had a habit of watching detective, he naturally will not miss.Early next morning, Xu Zhe Lin Yan went to find home.He said: Yan, I want a whole night yesterday.You say, this world no ghosts?Lin Yan one, immediately interrupted him: Stop, stop, you want to check, to check their not bother me.Xu Zhe decided to go look at the road No. 18 New Mission.No. 18 New Mission Road, it is a very old European-style villa.Because the case had just occurred, it has been sealed with.Night, Xu Zhe quietly turned into the walls, no locks from a prison window, climbed into.Very dark house, the living room of the grandfather clock, the sound issue Kaka.Xu Zhe four with a flashlight shining, bright beam of light suddenly stopped on photo.It was a very tacky wedding, a 30-year-old man, is holding his wife.Apparently the woman at least 10 years older than him.This person should Tong strong it is, can a woman at his side let Xu Zhe was extremely surprised.She and Lin Yan so much alike.Just then, suddenly issued a squeak upstairs door open, then heard the footsteps of a string of floating.This house was not sealed yet?How would someone?Xu Zhe quickly hid in the dark quietly peep.TV, wearing a white dress woman walking down.She has long black hair, slim waist and gently writhing.The woman, as if aware of what, suddenly turned back.Black hair, strange actually fell down.Xu Zhe scared almost fainted.Woman’s head bare, his face wrapped around a thick gauze, exposing only two eyes, speckled with different cold light in the dark.He was not sure the woman has not seen their own, only a motionless dodging.Suddenly, the sound of heavy landing upstairs issued.His head and looked at the woman, turned upstairs.This Chol grow the tone, quickly left the villa.The absence of Lin Yan Xu Zhe Lin Yan back home, already late in the night.He has the key Lin Yan family, but at the door only to find Lin Yan is not.He suddenly a kind of very good hunch.Xu Zhe Lin Yan playing phone, the familiar tones, but in the bedroom rang.Lin Yan is gone, even the phone did not take.Xu Zhe decided to go to the police.But the room did not earn traces of fighting, and missing less than 48 hours, the police listened to his description, just to appease a few, there is not filing.From out of the police station, Xu Zhe intuition, this should be a trap.If this is a trap, then certainly no one so vain effort.Lin Yan Xu Zhe decided to start the investigation to proceed.In fact, he and Lin Yan met at the network blind date activities, talk about love for a month.Lin Yan live alone, get along these days, and did not mix friends.Her phone only keep a person’s phone number, that is, Xu Zhe.It’s the starting point, is recorded programs, Chol simply to make telephone calls to radio stations for information.But the person in charge of the station was denied, he said, not only did this show, and even did not know Lin Yan this person.In addition to the room, as if Lin Yan simply did not existed in this world.Xu Zhe Lin Yan sitting at home thinking fees to God, Lin Yan’s phone suddenly rang, he remembered Lin Yan can change the sound of the phone has a magic sound.Then converted into a female voice, answering the phone.The other was a man, hesitated and said: You are Xu Lin Yan of the philosophical tone, strength to say: Even I do not know who you are also called to do?Hey man smiled and said: Miss Lin, you record something still there?Xu Zhe name casual eye, said: that it is a new lump Road.Right right right, right child.Xu Zhe one, gates, and continue to respond quickly: that our convention is also effective, but also effective.Let’s cash on delivery.Money can seal the mouth it Chol and phone men meet the agreed place, it is in suburban Forest Park.Chol arrived early, holding a tray ü Play the tape, quietly waiting.Soon, a fat man wearing a black leather coming out.He wore huge masks and sunglasses, as if afraid someone would recognize him.Fat saw Xu Zhe, stunned for a moment and said: You come up with Xu Zhe Lin Lin Yan shook his cell phone, said: voice-changer.Fat man suddenly said: You can protect yourself kinda thing.I want to do something?money.How do you make sure that only one.Xu Zhe astute to say: I’m a little sound engineer, you have seen my look, I’m afraid you trouble?I just want some money, I do not want to lose his life.Fat man hesitated, throwing him an envelope: count your TIPS.Take the money, the best Bijin your mouth.Xu Zhe to disk ü handed over fat, bow opened the envelope.A hint of fragrance, from the inside to spill out.He felt dizzy, stumble to the ground.To recommend the latest information sauna