Whose real name is Wang Zhiqiang help, Luliang Linxian County papaya is Zhang Xiang Village, a young farmer.Played work, pull off the coal one day, he suddenly want to do a street vendor, selling all home-grown dates, walnuts, soybeans, millet, bitter herbs, potatoes, pasta and other specialty Luliang.But he is not the past that going from door to door peddler, but Taobao shop modern Shining.Let others know my village, my family, then my goods like Chinese New Year in mid-2006, in Beijing hit a six-year work of Wang and his wife to go home to help.North drift life of six years, leaving behind scenes of memory: Wang has done to help farmers market selling vegetables hawkers less sleep, worked as unskilled laborer on construction sites, the park’s white-collar workers to send over lunch, and fought urban guerrilla warfare, ran marketing, with rural people born foolish effort, dead grinding hard bound the bend Jin, Guo Shu won big chain stores cooperation results.He also held a capital lease, encountered Jufei cross around the neck with a knife robbery; eaten boss wage arrears, all burned up all night working days disappeared encountered let’s help realize Wang, from the countryside as a workers who want to gain a firm foothold in the city, hold up their own place in the world is not an easy task.On the other hand, there is room to home, the older the parents hope he can go home early.To be able to take care of their parents, Wang decided to go home to help.To leave Beijing, what to take along a good home?Son and daughter home to greet the day, Wang help parents scratching their heads, this kid is not doing with Beijing roast duck and other specialties with computers back then?Wang intends to help foregone, although Beijing in working life does not make a lot of money, but broaden their horizons, he found that the computer world is a good thing to communicate, if he really wanted to sell things through the computer, which is not also a sitting at home you opportunities to make money?This computer cost 4900 dollars to help Wang.Open shop for something, the family think he is drawing fresh, Scrapped, wife thought he might as well make money in the county with coal.Wife not to their own online shop, Wang help much deliberation, you will not let me do, I’ll try to sneak their first.This time, Wang help busy opened his first shop on Taobao registered a prosperous farm shop called the mountains, and officially open for business during the Olympic Games.How to make your own online shop highlights from thousands of Taobao shop out of it?Positioning of the most important.Wang to help find things to sell their most affordable native village, now city people emphasize the green nature, eat healthy.The farmhouse kinds of dates, walnuts, soybeans, millet, bitter herbs, potatoes, pasta and other Luliang specialty products are pollution-free, should be welcome.So Wang help the Taobao Home to hang out in the mountains prosperous farm shop plaque, set off by honesty shop, happy life quite a few eye-catching characters.Taobao my cattle, then I send surface mail.I Taobao poorest, as far as I in the village.Most slow surface mail, sundries my title next few doggerel in a full picture of the monkey soybeans.Treasurer recommended baby in a bar full of Luliang specialty of whole grains.All goods are able to see a photo of Wang to help a family of three on Wang to help in their own real locations, many photos.Wang helped shoot a lot of pictures hometown of customs, emitting a strong local flavor.Yellow River turned a corner here, here is the well-known Millennium town.You see the green one, is the date groves, the country’s famous beach on from here date.An old well in the summer with the well irrigated, irrigation.There grinding stone grinding, village paths, their own cave, covered in dried seaweed yard shade of his wife, the daughter play with peers while showing characteristics of the product, he will own simple life, warm homeland, a deep affection to show customers.Wang help think: I should let others know of the village, let others know my home, then they can understand me very well, like my goods.Wang help is not a liar?Sitting at home online can also become a way to get rich, not only changed the attitude of the family, folks are very envious.Busy, packed with Wang helped his father and shipping, wife and mother picking beans at home, said the weight, too late, even the relatives and neighbors also came obligation to help.Looking at the business is thriving, full of joy to help Wang.Not enough goods, he went to the village each household to acquire, we all find a way to make money.However, not long afterwards, blocking their minds began to appear, it was the Internet that help Wang is a liar.The problem is in the delivery.Wang help where Linxian County is located in the west of Luliang Mountain, located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, is an old revolutionary base areas, state-level poverty-stricken counties, because of poor roads throughout the county in addition to the post office made no other courier companies, courier and post office to send another price EMS relatively high, Wang help no alternative but to send surface mail to the customer.Surface mail is still very slow, generally 7-15 days to get to, often five or six days time to customers will not wait.Hubei is such a customer, over a week, to the goods or not, he began to complain of: that people express forty-five days to come, that you and other seven days ye not to do?Your heart is not red Bordeaux, is closing courier surface mail liar.Wang to help battered, unable to check the track surface mail, courier to send it, he had personally to the county post office to communicate his own hair wrapped goods accounted for half of Linxian, whether to send the courier business volume can be a bit of tariff concessions.However, due to national policies, will not work.Wang had to patiently help apologize, explain, do you still want to ask the other side to re-send.In fact, Wang helped encounter complaints and misunderstandings than this example, he is meticulous customer service.Some customers complained that: dates received, but there is no point packing.Hear this evaluation, Wang helped my heart kind of speechless sour.He felt wronged: I am a farmer, shop online, compared with the various conditions to be behind a number of city people.Just opened shop, because there is no suitable packaging, I can only find some vacated milk, drink boxes and the like, to wrap my product.Straight out of the box marked with tape, write the address.Everyone says I’m old-fashioned, this is not the way.Well now, with the vacuum sealer, later we can modernize the.Customers have to ask: Why is your family’s long beans and grains sold in supermarkets are round?Wang said to help: not the kind of soy beans, beans and genetically modified northeast of our rural areas are different Luliangshan.Soy here is an elongated, is artificially inoculated beans, characterized by full particles, many of the pulp is higher than the bean circle.Customers have praised me, my family beans refiner bars, and leftover slag bean flavor is particularly strong.It is precisely because of this simple pragmatic attitude, Wang not only help quell the storm liar, but also won the group after group of repeat customers.Rising sales, store credit from a drill to drill three and then to two credit crown credit, customers from puzzled to praise, let Wang to help warm heart.Is online spoof, anti into the Reds in February 2009, Wang decided to participate in Taobao help network business pioneer Grand Prix, published the theme of “computers, cameras, iron donkey, sundries, a network cable to string together, I’m network operators” post, spoke about his experience and hard work mentality.Illustrations, simple text, content really, Wang entries help out at home.Unexpectedly, the real text simple and honest looks peaceful Wang Gang cause brightest PS master’s attention, a series of theme Tatu brother Wang Gang PS picture in the horizon, Mop, Taobao and other major sites Forum widespread, intimate love version Wang Gang, beauty edition Wang Gang, Wang helped the new Year film version of the QQ chat even in the face of new, can be found Tatu brother figure to help Wang.Wang helped many users flocked to the shops, in the face of many customers leave a message, Wang help answer, busy to spare some time late in the evening of the same day to fill in the invoice.Completely unaware of his photos have been parodied, rapidly became popular on the Web.At first, Wang help is very strange to find him chatting Friends of Amoy lot more than usual, and later found that these customers are along the way got the spoof pictures.After seeing their funny appearance, Wang helped not angry.Spoof of celebrity stars are, ordinary people themselves is a spoof, too, it is impressive.Some customers for his grievance, an old customer to leave a message: Hello little help!Spoof see your post, the way you come to the store looked, I believe you need now is not comforting, now doing business as you are so solid, so the intentions of people is really very little to overcome so many difficulties is not easy, but now finally also get something in return, huh, huh!To see so many customers are you moved, I also infected the!Sincerely wish your business more prosperous!Wang spoof to help businesses bring a leap, to June 6, 2009, thousands of customers coming in, Wang had to suspend business for help, a few days before the order is processed.The good news is that he’s busy farm shop to the mountains I + I + village store format photographs, was named the year 2010 the first phase of one of the ten Taobao network business Pioneer Award, he was soon to Hangzhou to accept the award of.To recommend the latest information sauna