REVIEW story: “Seven Swabians”, one of the Brothers Grimm tale.About seven Swabians wade story.”Grimm’s Fairy Tales” produced in the early nineteenth century by the famous German linguist, Jager?Green and William?Brothers Grimm collection, collation, the finished German folk literature.It is a classic fairy tale world, since its inception, in a wide range of influence around the world.Brothers Grimm with its rich imagination, beautiful language to the children the story of a magical and romantic fairy tale.In China, Japan, Taiwan also has stories “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” based on the creation of.The body of the story: There was once a seven Swabians live in one, they are Mr. Sier Ci, Jack force, horsepower, about Keli, Mishao Er, Hans and Veitli.Seven had decided to travel around the world seeking adventure, great deeds.But to road safety, the hands must have weapons, they believe it is best to build a strong long spear.After spear was built seven people arrested immediately Flanagan spear in his hand, lined up the team, the first row is the most daring and courageous Mr. Sier Ci, the other six are lined up, followed Veitli in the last row.They walked and walked, take a good long way from the village but there is a long way to their lodging, they had to spend the night in a hay stack.In a grassy field, a large beetle or big red bee flying from behind the bushes dusk, issued annoying buzzing sound.Mr. Sier Ci suffered a scare, and quickly put down the spear.Listen ah!Listen ah!He cried, God!I hear a drum.Jack force, followed by holding that spear, nose to smell a certain smell, something must have happened, I smell the smell of gunpowder and matches.When heard that Mr. Sier Ci tone turned around and ran, then quickly crossed the fence, he will skip after people finish hay rake aside the plow, rake handle bump on his face, walloped him.Aigo!Aigo!He cried, you hold me, I surrender!I surrender!The other six all jumped toward him, one over the other, screaming: you surrender, I surrender!If you surrender, I surrender!Finally, there is no enemy to put them tied up and taken away, they realize that they made a mistake, to let others know about it, lest someone joking laugh, they vowed to each other to keep confidential, or of course the matter to someone after a long time accidentally say out.So they walked on.They experienced the second hurdle than the first time a far cry.A few days later, they went into a wasteland, a hare was crouched in there in the sun, it stands ears, big eyes staring on sparkling.Seven people see terrible beasts gave scared, we will discuss how to do the most secure.Knowing that if they run away, feared that the monster would pursue them eat.So they say: We have to fight a dangerous battle bravely forward is half the success of.Seven people clutching spears, Mr. Sier Ci always want to hold the spear does not move, but came in last Veitli had become quite brave, I wanted to charge forward, murmuring: to all Swabian on behalf of the people bravely pediment, otherwise you get down like a cripple!But Hans knew how to say: I bet you’re one beautiful hunting you always falls on the last.Mishao Er said: no less, no less, that guy is simply a ghost.Turn about Keli, and he went on to say: if not a ghost, a ghost of the mother, or else the ghost of adoptive brothers.Marli had a good idea, he said Veitli: on the right, Veitli; on it, Veitli, there I grabbed a spear in the back.Veitli did not obey, so Jack Li said: Mr. Sier Ci This is the first, to know the glory belongs to the people rushed in the first.Mr. Most Housierci took courage, awe-inspiring and said: Let’s charges ahead, fight, to show our bravery and strength.So seven people together toward the beast.Mr. Sier Ci hands paddled Cross, pray for God’s help, but all to no avail, when he was getting closer enemy, sent his mouth in horror: oh!And a hoarse voice, painful voice, sounds awakened the hare, it shocked swiftly away.Mr. Sier Ci fled the battlefield to see her happily shouted: fast Behold, Veitli, fast Behold, the devil is just a hare.Then seven Swabians continued their adventure, the day they came Mose Lai River.This is a covered with moss, calm and deep river, small bridge on the water children, there are a lot of places to take a boat past.But seven Swabians did not know all this.They are directed at people who work across a fierce called and asked him how to past.Because the two sides distance, others can not understand their words, that person did not know they want to do, so he used his special soil swordsman saying: doing child?Gansha son?Mr. Sier Ci thought he said: wade.Because he ranked at the head, so the first step into the river.Soon he was stuck in the mud stand up, the river waves continued to hit him, his hat was blown to the other side.A frog just squatted beside the hat, cried: quack, quack, quack.The other six side to hear sounds, said: Oh, guys, Mr. Sier Ci calling us. If he can wade across, why can not we?So six people jumped into the water together, the results of all drowned.In this way a frog to the lives of all six group of Swabians do not have a home to live.Story book review: “Green Fairy” in the “seven Swabians” This story using humor, satire, funny, hyperbole, the serious and funny skillfully combined, seven Swabians themselves recognize made hero to save the world, the more come to the fate of a clown; they are serious about large beetles and hare, funny look ridiculous, so the reader can not help laughing, and laughing in his mouth feeling and seven Swabians how stupid but their grief was not just stupid, encountered a little difficulty everyone chooses to retreat, no one dared stepped forward to challenge this adventurous with their great deeds appear together on how ridiculous and absurd.