Car sharing, bike sharing, share charge treasure……Over the past year, share product penetrate the public aspects of daily life。
And when shared bicycle oversupply, a large number of abandoned; many companies share closed down due to funding broken, the people that have shared the wind stop, "shared" not only did not terminate, but penetrate smaller areas, creating a new gimmick。
Sharing can also be combined with those areas, entrepreneurs' ability to contact "can be described as endless, this is not shared tissue machine has also joined the sharing of luxurious packages in an attempt to seize the trend of the tail, a little cake last minute。 Share tissue machine: by the wind flow at the outlet of the line with the flow line tight-acquisition cost becomes high, the line has become a new outlet flow for each platform you want to compete, wanted to rob anyone get ahead of others to build a traffic entrance to enjoy the dividends flow outlet of the line, which is a shared tissue machine。
As soaring trend other shared projects, sharing towels since the brand first appeared, has been rapidly developed, including ZHO, also paper to paper rats, including hundreds of brands, momentum can be described as madness。
But the wind has passed Share strongest period, capital has tended to calm, sharing towels although many brands, but only two mouse ZHO and paper brands have completed a round of angel financing millions of dollars, did not enjoy a charging cycle or share charging treasure the hundreds of treatment one hundred million yuan financing。 However, the lack of strong capital support does not seem to affect the common Tissue Machine。
There are many pre-shared projects to chase outlet, business model feasibility untested, not even explore a business model realizable rush to play, ultimately leading to unsustainable due to the lack of a sustainable profit model。 But they shared a paper towel brand, it appears to be learned the lessons of various predecessors, has been a viable profit model of the time available, comes with profitability。 Shared tissue machine according contemplated entrepreneurs, the inlet flow rate as a paper towel to share the line, can be realized in several ways comprising。 First, online cash。 Share tissue machine is used in exchange of resources disbursed napkins, each machine can be put tens pack of paper towels, concern manufacturers of public numbers after a pack of napkins available on the user only needs to scan the machine, the user will be gathered by the free trade , the next step you can access advertisers, advertising fees by cash。
It is envisaged that users spend a very short attention specify the number of public process to achieve a collection of user data, the future can be used for precision marketing, help with public traffic line number and other import。 Second, the realization of the line。 There are three ways, one for body advertising, press ZHO argument is that the use of minicomputer forms of advertising posters, large cabinet carousel is by way of video advertising and poster combination。 Two for paper towel packaging advertising, which is a natural advertising channels。 In addition to profit in this way than through advertising, brand share paper towels and paper brand by entering into strategic cooperation, in order to be able to buy a very cheap price, low purchase cost of paper towels, even outright sale at a price below the market price is also still profitable space – the market price of a packet of tissues in about one dollar to two dollars, and buy only from yuan share tissue machine, able to snatch away a lot of users have purchased this demand, this way of earnings for the three。
According to public data, about 10% of users will buy paper towels, tissue paper machine manufacturers share doubled profit per pack available。 Substitute public service, shared tissue paper machine to the person seeking a helping hand to share ideas Tissue Machine, said it is not complicated, it captures the public service is one of the missing, and as a supplement to their own, and to return for business value。 Paper towels is a high frequency of daily life just to be, is the public travel essential goods, but the snack bar, restaurants and other public low-scenes rarely provide free paper towels, and toilet paper in public toilets free, often pull out all the party wool removed, resulting in people in urgent need of paper into a paperless available awkward situation appears to share tissue machine provides a solution。 But also because the country of penny more people, in order to prevent malicious and gather wool unlimited access, individual share tissue machine is also set free only recipients of a pack of paper towels per person per day standard。
So can bring a benefit that free access number is exhausted, some users will choose to pay for the possible formation of a virtuous cycle of business liquidation。 In addition to the public benefit, appear to share tissue machine for restaurants and other public consumption is also beneficial scenes。 Restaurants and other purchasing a large quantity of paper napkins free for customers to use, but also a lot of spending, many restaurants offer quality napkins are relatively poor, share tissue machine just to help restaurants and other public consumption saving the expenses scene。 It is reported that, UZI sharing towels and other brands also dividends and restaurants, but also for the restaurant adds a source of income, restaurants and other public consumption scenarios why not。
Thus, the rate of expansion of the tissue machine share quickly, the data show that the mice have more than 4,000 paper machines is predetermined, the layout of seven provinces。 Share tissue machine profit model sounds very nice, great prospects seem limitless, but in fact it really true?Sharing coat put on a paper towel machine: true gimmicks, false sharing may wish to sort out what to share tissue machine from the model point of view, is through free trade will gather together the user, and then profit through advertising。 See here if you had a "shared tissue machine does not have any shared qualities," the question?Yes, share tissue machine does not implement the use of idle goods, surly share coat draped hot rub false sharing project。 In fact, the share tissue machine model is no stranger to daily life, there are many common means of promotion and its exactly the same, such as transportation hubs often people tell passengers obtain public attention after a fan numbers, such as the user to download a propaganda APP, or concern available to the public after a number of commissions to make money APP, such as rice and other earned。 Regardless of who is the former Kam, or from the profit sharing model tissue machine point of view, can be found in this mode is not healthy and sustainable profit model。
First of all, share tissue machine to attract a real-time needs of the user, although the public will specify the number for a short while will focus on the platform, but then there is a very high probability will be deleted, fast churn rate, the use of the public share tissue machine import traffic this number The idea will be difficult to shape a。 Less common scenario involved sharing towels, mainly for public toilets, and some low-level restaurants, hospitals, less able to accumulate the data plane, and precision marketing need to collect data in order to achieve multi-user needs to re-locate from the point and line and surface , plus user-oriented share tissue machine more broadly, there is no clear position, it is more difficult to achieve precision marketing。 Public WIFI multi-point data collection in line with this kind of marketing methods still can not achieve precision marketing, hardly shared Tissue Machine。
Secondly, the founder ZHO share tissue machine mentioned, one of the brand's fans realized the way the economy is。 But advertising in exchange for the user belongs to the user experience the worst kind of way, not to mention the user to use the device because of immediate needs, and the user can not cultivate the so-called big fan of the fans can be used to develop the economy, I am afraid that is trained wool pull out party。 Finally, fine boy, delicate girls tend to put out a pack of paper towels in the bag, shared a big fan of tissue left, it does not bring a high premium for the enterprise。
Moreover, it currently appears in hundreds of shared tissue machine, are thinking all the same, profit model is very similar, after coming into homogeneous competition, rodeo price war inevitable, then this paper towels sold at profit model probably will failure, while the price war under the existing profit model probably will lose their effectiveness。
Share tissue machine said to be innovative, but is actually copied the existing model fills this marketing model has long been, along with online traffic acquisition costs rose, and offline traffic acquisition costs considerably, from the golden age of online traffic came the companies need is to buy a low-cost precision users, and share tissue machine though to make up for lack of public services, but the pattern is at it again, the rough data accumulation, data can only achieve a low-quality growth。
Discard shared gimmick, quality and reliable tissue machine tissue machine continued life sharing is not really shared items, just chase line under general merchandise flow outlet, its value is not reflected on the "share" this gimmick, but as reflected in the "paper towels supply "the replacement of public service in this matter, also took a fancy to this value and share tissue machine brand has been recognized by the public service scene, ZHO long ago with the Guangdong high-speed toll reached a cooperation, and many other brand's target also falls on public toilets and other public service areas。
As a public service, the user is the most valued areas of service, but for now share profit model tissue machine, the profits of marketing, rely only on advertising revenue, but will reduce the user experience。
Therefore, this Herd youth to share tissue machine, with its name feint gimmick, not as good as down to earth and improve service quality, so too can achieve sustainable profitability, but also to go into the public service sectors, in exchange for greater value, relying only profitable advertising model, masquerade user experience, and ultimately those fallen charging post is shared lesson brand of paper towels。 In addition, this part is only cut from the tissue is obviously not enough, in the case of industry profit model so similar, you want to maintain our competitive edge, you want to get the user a higher quality, access to multidimensional data for precision marketing, erected traffic at the entrance of high-quality line, shared tissue machine also need to find a breakthrough from the periphery, connection sharing tissue machine, a premium brand for high-quality services through a multi-faceted。 Honestly say that the starting point share tissue machine is undoubtedly good, indeed lack of long-term supply of paper towels for the public scene, and the price is too high, provides a good solution path。 But while sharing towels copy the previous model, but do not own innovation, industry profit model are too similar, the lack of barriers to their advantage, might be able to build up a temporary entrance flow, but difficult to achieve sustainable profitability。
To this end, they should also share tissue machine abandoned gimmicks, only to abandon rely on advertising revenue model to improve service quality, and by links to other public services in order to achieve a high premium。