The recently concluded “Creation 101” finally started its career in rocket girls, and the little sister in the program have their own unique style. The program has been loved by the public since its broadcast. Both the controversial Yang Chaoyue and the handsome yamy have attracted the attention of the audience.. So who is the most attractive constellation representative among the girls of one hundred and one?   First place: Aquarius representative: Xuanyi Wu, What a Girl Wants film, Xuanyi Wu is probably the treasure girl in every boy’s heart, and it is the kind that does not accept refutation.. In the competition, Xuanyi Wu was asked which place she wanted to be. She answered first, but in the end she was third. Xuanyi Wu did not hesitate in this embarrassing situation, and rushed to her position happily with a coquetry.. Pure personality, informal, like a child, this is the characteristics of Aquarius woman. While most boys enjoy taking care of their sweetheart, it is easy to arouse their desire for protection when meeting such a pure and kind girl. The pure feeling of Aquarius woman can definitely choose the hearts of boys..   Second place is the following: Cancer representative: Lai Meiyun, who is called “Station B Chingmy Yau” by Lai Meiyun, is still very popular with everyone though she was severely criticized by director Jing Wang. Her indomitable sense of stability is fully reflected in her.. When asked about her height, she only replied, “I’m 2.6 meters tall, and I don’t accept refutation”. It not only makes people feel that she is strong in pressure resistance, but also that her own sense of stability is enough to support her in the tough competition.. This is also the place where everyone loves cancer women..   Third place is the following: Aries representative: Rainbow, an Aries woman from Rainbow, was chosen crazily because she said, “I won’t go home again to string chicken feet”. However, she didn’t just rely on the inner expression of “honest and frank” to catch a straight man’s heart.. Aries has the sweetest smile, with rainbow-like eyes.. Especially able to infect people; Her smile is just like Spirit Bomb(Genki dama)’s. Even if you are full of pressure, seeing her will melt in her smile inside, so which boy do you think doesn’t want to have such a girl?? Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.