“Dapeng is soaring up to 90,000 miles with the wind,” and the recent hit drama “Rising Up”, starring Ethan Juan and Yang Mi, continued to top the ratings list as soon as it was launched.. Today, following the minor editing, let’s analyze the constellation characters of the main characters in “soaring”.   Virgo-It is well known that Virgo has a delicate mind and works steadily and reliably.. When he was still a slave in Xuan Youbu, he was always naughty, but after being taught by Uncle week, he always cheekily coaxed Uncle week to be happy.. Because a kind virgin knows that those who care about her do all this for her good..   Virgo has a warm-hearted willingness to help others, and is the constellation that can best help friends and keep secrets.. In the play, Fu Sheng promised Zhangsun Wuji not to expose his true identity, so he did not mention Zhangsun Wuji even if he was to be sent to a place without thoughts..   A virgin will not complain about sacrificing herself to the person she loves.. In the play, she risked her life to go to the forbidden area to find medicine, but only for a pet pig..   Scorpio-ChangSunWuji The ChangSunWuji of Scorpio in the play is affectionate and invincible. They met and fell in love with Meng Whirlwind on Xuanyuan Mountain. They joined forces to quell the usurpation of Taiyuan Acupoint’s regent, the invasion of the Promised Kingdom by the South, the change of the German royal palace, and the alliance with Dreadwind’s fierce king and Beiye to regain the kingship, revealing the story of Xuanji Acupoint’s daughter.. The crowd accompanied him to the skies to compete with the ancient Things Emperor with flesh and blood. After many trials and tribulations, he finally broke the skies plot, beheaded all kinds of evil poisons, and guarded Wuzhou Antai.. The soaring love and endless love will eventually come to a good end..   Scorpio’s deep feeling carries with it some predestination of past lives. They believe that predestination will lead to three generations, and they can always recognize the person they are destined to in the vast sea of people. From then on, they will depend on each other and remain deeply attached to each other..   Capricorn-Battle of Beiye Dreadwind Wang Lie and Beiye have Capricorn’s passion for career. They treat colleagues and career with clear goals and decisive judgment, while not losing kindness.. The appearance is one person one horse, already Thunderstruck; I thought this bully must be cold in his heart, but he didn’t kill him directly in the face of those who betrayed him and treated him with kindness.. In the face of love, Zhan Beiye is a typical Capricorn male. As soon as he saw Meng Whirlwind, he recognized her as Jamilia. The throne, life and dignity can be given with both hands without any hesitation..   Capricorn’s battle with Beiye has no regrets in his life. He is the most dazzling among men in inside. In love with inside, he and the world’s best Meng Whirlwind have experienced each other’s brightest years. He has treated each other with sincerity and has no regrets in his life.. He said: “I am willing to spend my whole life with you.”. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.