Just last night, “Negotiator”, starring Yang Mi and Huang Zidao, who are extremely popular and have high color values, started broadcasting on Hunan Satellite TV! In a brand-new trailer of “love and judgment”, it shows the unexpected intersection of polarized life concepts and a world that is totally different from each other.. It can be seen from the flowers that this will be a pair of CP who do not love rancor and are simply “Mars hitting the earth”. In combination with the declaration on the poster that was slightly exposed by the government before, “I want to break your rational rule and I want to correct your human sex life”, it is not hard to imagine that the ratings of “Negotiator” will rise rapidly. Having said so much, can we know who are the stars in the 12 constellations who do not agree with each other?? Let’s take a look at TOP1: Scorpio vs Leo!!! If this is the case with Constellation Pairing, it can be described as “two tigers in one mountain” ~ scorpions with high self-esteem and domineering and stubborn lions are really rare to have loving feelings.. Scorpio with strong personality is hard to accept a guy who thinks he is king, and lion is basically a somewhat selfish constellation. everything is self-centered. how can Scorpio stand the embarrassing scene of scorpio whispering all day long ~ especially when he speaks sour and thinks he is “break wind”. therefore, they often encounter the embarrassing scene of “looking at each other not pleasing to the eye and trying to be the boss”.   TOP2: Virgo vs. Aries If you are Virgo and the other half is Aries, your combination is the opposite type. Virgo, who demands high from others, and Aries, who has always been generous and open-minded, are simply two extremes. With some nervousness, you often think Aries is reckless and seems to have no mind, and so is the competitive Aries, who always likes to wander leisurely in front of virgins.. However, despite their love for each other’s rancor as soon as they met, from the bottom of their hearts, inside envies each other ~ TOP3: Aquarius cares for most of Cancer’s family members, and always talks about their family members. I think everyone is very familiar with their homesickness and characteristics. The bottle, on the other hand, they like a romantic and romantic life and pay attention to spiritual abundance.. One side is emotional while the other side is rational. How do you look at it, you also know that there may not be a perfect result.. Therefore, when Aquarius falls in love with Cancer, it is like Mars hitting the earth. It is very difficult for such a relationship to enter marriage.