Beijing time: March 23, 8: 19-April 17: 21 on fifteen. the first water inversion of the year occurred in Aries. What should babies of the twelve constellations pay attention to during this water inversion?? Let’s take a look.   Aries needs to pay attention to physical health and mental exhaustion or self-expression disorders. It is easy to be attacked and framed by small people in interpersonal communication, which leads to falling into the right and wrong that have nothing to do with you..   Taurus should pay attention to relax properly during the period of adverse water flow. Taurus is prone to mental tension, poor sleep quality and insomnia. Health needs to pay special attention to prevent oral and respiratory hygiene, vulnerable to bacterial infection.   Gemini’s social misfortunes may lead to inevitable conflicts between you and your friends. Gemini is vulnerable to backstabbing and difficult to communicate with customers, relatives and friends. Gemini’s relationship with your partner will face emotional crisis..   Cancer’s current water rebellion may bring you some unnecessary troubles in your work, such as the following: leaders misunderstand you, or colleagues are jealous, etc., improper words may lead to wrong words in public, and reputation damage in high-end occasions such as social intercourse, etc..   Leo needs to pay special attention to the way you get along with your partner emotionally. If you are short-tempered, you may get into an argument with your partner due to water stress. Travel should be carefully guarded wallet and passport documents, easy to lose; The progress of some lions in their work is easily blocked..   Virgo talks a lot and you may bring your personality into full play in this adverse water event.. The old things that have passed for a long time may be turned out by you. At work, it is easy to find colleagues’ dissatisfaction with you and leaders’ misunderstanding of you due to being too picky. Financial aspects are prone to debt crises..   Libra Blume Blume In Love Libra should pay special attention to keep a certain safe distance from the opposite sex during the period of water inversion, otherwise it is easy to have unnecessary violent conflicts with partners, which will lead to emotional breakdown. Some weighers have difficulty in traveling, and there may be accidents and lawsuits in cooperation with customers..   Scorpio Internet workers in Scorpio should pay special attention to the timely filing of products such as Digital Camera during the current flood. There are accidents such as power failure or malfunction. Try to talk less among people. Silence is golden..   Sagittarius Blume Blume In Love Sagittarius is prone to emotional crisis or love triangle caused by interference from his mistress or predecessor. Archers who are engaged in editing should be careful of the possibility of being demoted due to a big loophole in the copywriting..   Capricorn cement should pay special attention to the regular maintenance of household appliances during the period, which is prone to damage of household appliances or circuit failure. In addition, special attention should be paid to the health of the elderly at home. It is easy to encounter customer default in work..   Aquarius This time around, you should be careful not to talk too fast with your classmates or friends. It is easy to be misunderstood or encounter “yenta” spreading rumors everywhere. Traffic failure, traffic police ticketing or congestion may occur in travel. Emotionally, one should pay attention to the way one gets along with one’s partner and pay attention to the social situation of one’s partner, which is prone to minor interference..   Pisces should pay special attention to the thoughts of friends around him this time, and there may be people with bad intentions. Pay attention to reasonable planning of money. Don’t trust other people’s words and invest or borrow money rashly. It is easy to be cheated or the investment income is not good, resulting in the loss of money.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.