There is a celebrity Jiao Yang Yun [Yun] Han Dynasty, his father was prime minister at the time of Emperor Han Zhao Yang Chang and his mother was the daughter of literary historian Sima Qian.He received a good education at an early age, when North Korea became a minor celebrity when.Han Xuan when Khodorkovsky (Huoguang Zi Sun, this time Huo Guang dead) rebellion, the first report to Emperor Xuan Yang Yun.Hou was closed after the flat pass, then do Langguan in-court in person, bribery extreme wind Chi, rich people bribe money available, often outside play; no money to bribe people, even in a year without a day off.Yang Yun for the Zhongshan Lang, they then get rid of all these ills, lower-ranking officials have praised his honesty.But he was a wunderkind, but also credit, have given rise to complacency, and the results Taipu Evergreen (Evergreen is XuanDi old friends, most have to trust) occurred comments.On one occasion, Yang Yun heard people say Han Hun drop Chanyu Hun leader was killed, Yang Yun he said: encountered such a bad king, his ministers he intends to give good governance strategies without the himself lost his life in vain, just as when the king of Qin Dynasty, as a special trust villain, killing loyal ministers, the results of the country’s death.If it was not so Qin Dynasty, the country may now exist.Since ancient times kings are trusted villain, I really like the same hill as raccoon produced, there is no difference ah!In this way, Yang Yun was deposed.Since ancient times, kings courage to change, the speaker can not believe greedy few people, Yang Yun only be removed from office, is a lesser evil.Birds of a feather idiom story tells us that a man can not have a small idea of collectivism, but can not get together children dedicated to spreading rumors, much ado about nothing, and deliberately make things difficult for people.Before Han: Yang Yun Chuan original is ancient and the present, such as birds of a feather.Qiu, soil Fu also high four sides, low central mound; raccoon, sound together, commonly known as tree raccoon, fox seemed small, brown hair, deep and warm slippery, do Pipao.Then people will be extended to two sentences birds of a feather proverb, similar to Ciyu no difference, like a raccoon on the same hill where the growth of the same body are the same.This idiom in the application, is used to describe negative things, even to describe the negative things; talk about containing a disdain and mocking tone.For example, say a group of people dedicated to spreading rumors, much ado about nothing, and deliberately make things difficult for people, None of them are good, you can say: these things are birds of a feather, how it is a good man![Birds of a feather] yìqiūzhīhé Hill: soil Hill.Raccoon: Music Box, kind of like a fox beast.A soil mountains raccoon.Metaphor with each other ugly class, there is no difference.derogatory term.