His eyes fell on a large white goose bag, frowned: “What do you with bag?”
  Donna looked at him in surprise: “You do not like yet?Then I back the good little yellow chicken.”
  Yu Ze: “.”When is he like it?
  Prior to remind myself personally, he let her wherever carrying a large white goose, and now he finally realized what it meant to be shooting itself in the foot.
  He was about to turn pulled Donna, said: “You wear shoes, do not walk around the house.”
  ”That’s my bag.”
  He sighed and said: “The goose goose, go.”
  Author has to say: Zhangzi Xian Yu Pei and very controversial, we look at the text of time to bring Three views, whether they dislike or sympathize with them, as long as we clearly realize that they do something wrong, then disgust or sympathy are no right or wrong, but to see the different cultures of the era into the position it.
  [Poor people must have hated the place, the poor man must have hated the place, decided the fate.] This is their definition, do something good so get a good newspaper role can motivate people to do something wrong so bad role had reported also give people alert.