What are the health tips intercourse has always been a very important part of our lives, without a healthy sexual life is not only not achieve results, but also lead to adverse consequences。 So in the end how health sexual intercourse bring it following small health tips for everyone, help you improve the quality of sex!Sexual health tips 1, grasp intercourse is a phased process, also contains multiple stages throughout the process, when people during intercourse, should be gradual, phased grasp, not be too hasty。 In ancient times the intercourse is divided into eight stages: "One said to take over, second elbow, third straight heel, Si Yue side sentence, the sentence Wu Yue, Liu Yue Cohort, Yong Ping said seven, eight said vibration"。
First of all, men and women hugged each other, abdomen, coherent picture; men touching women on the cheek, neck, back, breast and other parts, and female genital stimulation; straighten your legs; male side hook women, and female genital stimulation; female hook , so that the male penis smoothly into the female vagina; thighs rub against each other; shallow puncture female vagina the penis; whole body vibration, to extend the time of intercourse。 2, good prelude to sexual intercourse sexual health skills are a prerequisite for sexual intercourse, if there is no husband or wife in sexual desire, sexual intercourse will be affected。
If the party does not desire the couple, then the other should not be carried out immediately intercourse, but should desire the other by kissing, touching, etc. will be mobilized。
In general, the lower the desire of women, often need to mobilize men to desire。 Kissing and sexual touching of skills, the women in my arms men, women clutch the waist, gently stroking the female body, with her lower lip women, women to men to respond, with her male upper lip, integration of each other's saliva。
First, men touching women's wrist, then up along the arm to reach the brain nest, in turn touching women's shoulders, neck, breasts, abdomen, vulva, clitoris。
3, sexual positions。