“Yep?”An Wei Zhen took the thin card, puzzled look Wu Tao.

“This is Zhou Zhou salvation fee, as well as meals, master the future will Baituo An.”Wu Tao smile.

Wei Zhen An eyebrow, looking completely natural to accept.

Zhou Zhou is heard while lying on the shoulders of security Wei Zhen, Wu Tao waved front behind, and quietly went into his star in Talisman.

Wei Zhen An unknown at the time, the merit quietly opened a golden book, we can see that two of their own and sink North Star, while he wrote on that page: [justice cycle of retribution unhappy, discipline patricide kill brother, nephew of people off].

An Wei Zhen because the output, which is why the increase of merit value is also quite substantial, a full 400 points.But in the top of the second row, because the contribution of its own Purple, let Zhou Zhou Wei Zhen and security while smoothly through unharmed, Shen Wei Zhen and security as North Star, has merit salvation evil spirits.

An Wei Zhen found no increase in the number of pages long golden book of merit, even after Shen North Star, added an!

Wu Zhou, past lives are all friendly spirit, this person should be a Fluke Changshun, but are close relatives of the victims, merit value minus 100 points, after purification, is a type of God.