If told her before Qin Bo really is because I wanted to tell her, then told her it now?What is to?
  Qin Bo heard here, finally chuckle a cry, he thought the phone in case of Zhou Yu’s face, eyes flash of tenderness and guilt: “I’m sorry.But do not worry, anyway, I will not let his success.”
  ”No, you.”Zhou Yu, then the event has not yet speak, Qin Bo hung directly off.
  In case of Zhou Yu was about to be driven him mad, and what is called the “anyway”?What does he want?
  Fortunately, she is still the basic reason, to know if just received my phone Qin Bo should be the first to the police, could not hang himself suddenly the phone, then it should be just what he received news?
  Zhou Yu encounter while Yaochun forced himself to calm down, while unconsciously turned over the phone contacts.
  Now arrived at his house too late, only to see if you can find someone stopped him, find someone, then.
  In case of Zhou Yu’s hand a little meal, looked at the name and number, I feel this phone call out, it would be too cruel to some.
  I know the news