Many experts and doctors emphasized the baby after birth must breastfeeding, breastfeeding the baby for breastfeeding is certainly right that we do everything together to explore。 The benefits of breastfeeding baby breastfeeding obvious feature is the tenacious resistance, easy to get sick。 The survey found that breast-fed babies are few phenomena and chest infection, which is due to direct the child's sake accepted the antibody。 Mother placental blood received some antibodies, which antibodies may be in vivo by the antibodies in the colostrum and breast milk supplemented, antibodies can be produced a protective effect on the gut, and since the antibody is absorbed by the blood, forming a protective effect on the body part, to protect against a variety of infectious diseases。 Some antibodies, such as anti-polio antibodies in breast milk, therefore, exclusive breastfeeding of children have better resistance。
In addition, the child's stool is also different from the milk-fed babies, exclusive breastfeeding of children rarely stool, can bring good absorption of nutrients in breast milk, they are often the stool soft with no smell, nor lead to bacterial inflammation, thus away from diaper rash problems。 Mom knows that the child's body mass index can be very good to show the baby's growth and development, breast-fed children rarely overweight, appetite and metabolism are very normal, parents can rest assured that this。 Said the benefits of breastfeeding for children, in fact, do this to her mother's stature also have a positive effect Yo。
During breast milk, the mother's body releases a hormone called oxytocin, the hormone promoting the uterus return to their normal size, faster return to normal pelvis, waist circumference, too, will not affect the size of the breast, but cancellation fat diet is very effective, it decided to maintain the stature of mothers who wish to hold on。
A lot of the benefits of breastfeeding, can effectively help children against a variety of harassment, enhance immunity baby, the mother's body also play a positive role in recovery, insist that exclusive breastfeeding can also play the role of contraception。 Therefore, we have the ability to advocate for the implementation of exclusive breastfeeding mothers, so that the healthiest way to feed it the benefit of you and your baby。