Yu Pei write, I wish to express [avoidant personality no good, they do not go forward, who can not pull you.]
  Write Zhangzi Xian, I would like to express [moths die easily.]
  I do not like to mess with the formula Longao days I’m going to destroy you and your family’s story, but I wrote the story, done wrong people will pay the price for their own choices.

Chapter 72
  Yu Ze place to go is with Donna to Beijing Amusement Park.
  Pure black supercar stopped at the open-air parking lot outside the amusement park on Donna from co-pilot to go down, curiously pink door amusement park.
  ”What we do here?”She asked..
  Yu Ze wear a mask, walked up to her to put on her hat and sweater.After he had her blond hair to hide, tightening hat on a hat with two ropes hanging in her chest, and he tied a shoelace bow, like Peugeot.
  ”what are you doing?”She muttered, cheeks dissatisfaction drum up.
  Yu Zela from her hand, and walked toward the door to an amusement park.
  Shortly after spring break, amusement park entrance no trace of popularity, Yu Ze holding her come to the ticket window, said: “The two pass.”
  Ticketing staff surprise