But do not call him, who knew you could call it?
  ”Hey, Uncle Qin, sorry to bother.One thing that I feel the need to let you know soon.”

  ☆, the ghost

  Yan Suxin in front of black cloth was off when the destination has to.
  Other people might be expected, not their own and together, she listened and occasionally pass out of the window came the sound of chirping birds, insects, and on where you are probably already guess.
  Unfortunately, too many scenic protection zone, the truck in all directions surrounding this empire has her sense of direction has always been good, even with speculation, do not know where he is, and not to mention the outside world.
  ”You think this is where?After “Yang night gave orders to her in front of black cloth win, sitting not far from observing her face.
  He was watching Yan Suxin, who are watching him.
  There should be a small abandoned factory, line of sight, a total of two people, one of which is just off the black cloth of the big guy, the other is talking Yang night.
  His appearance is very common, sound is also very common, but Yan Suxin just think, this person should