Xin Xing long micro temporarily put aside the things twilight, already prepared to come up with the Raiders, with a few mighty people go to downtown, along the way to see a lot of hot body, dressed sexy blondes, Xin long microdots open cell phone camera, making a stop Kaka.
  ”Slightly these maps and fun place piece region have been tagged hair in the group, they can play separately, not far from the hotel here, after up to three hours to go back, we think of it?”Said Xu Xianglin.
  We have no objection, have long praised Xin micro competent, and said to give her back with a delicious, she smiled and agreed, and so they are gone, she turned to Xu Xianglin, said: “You do not go with them?”
  Xu Xianglin gently patted her head, “I say?Leave you alone in this, how do lost?”Lift your chin bawl out under the mouth,” You do not want to take pictures?I can help you shoot, Wang Qianmian take a lot of Chinese shops, stroll together.”
  Micro Sim had wanted for a long time is that they play, she went back to the hotel room, but see Xu Xianglin quite high spirits, but also cheer followed him