Zhou Zhou floated in front of her, not even her sister cried, dissatisfaction: “I obviously have to pay for food.”

An Wei Zhen looked at him and said, “Your salvation fee is 4.99 million.”

Zhou Zhou incredible eyes wide open, “What are you profiteers.”

An Wei Zhen faint brought back into his mouth, the cold smile, almost terrible Zhou Zhou directly retracted Talisman Star shivering.

Text Chapter 263 Emerald

“I am.”An Wei Zhen fearless promise.

Zhou Zhou: “”

See Zhou Zhou side slumped look into the spiritual matrix polymer, Zhen The CD-determined admission spiritual matrix polymer after running out of the door.

Psychic powers are not stable, but also want to eat from the reality, is not afraid to finally be purified aggregate of clear fire finished body, and gave polluted.

With time Zhou Zhou retreat absorbed slowly through the aura, eyes looking at Shen Beichen rite getting closer, Wei Zhen Ann took your money, go to the store, bought a glass two kinds of imperial coins size emerald green, then they return to the carved above spiritual matrix polymer concentrate Rune start of Shen.

In the character is not easy draw characters on paper, let alone in Firenze