Mo heart Yu sigh of relief, quickly went over, but went up to her and found no extra space, frowned and whispered.
  ”Little Jin, hell.”
  I saw Mo Jin to the innermost round a bit and then pulled hard inside leaves White.
  ”We all came to Sa slim, squeeze all right.”
  Mo Yu heart hesitated, although this can get rid of a new Pan harassment, but inevitably there and leaves white close contact ah.
  Table for two, even three people also must be next to the slim, which makes it somewhat embarrassed Yu Mo heart.
  But then I thought, no college before the two of them lived together for so long, and the presence of so many people face yesterday in the company, and pro and hold of, well, does not matter.
  Anyway, Mo Yu mind a clear conscience, which is the Tong Tong boyfriend, girlfriends when I put him forget.
  And with white leaves so shameless effort, he does not have what I would unnatural.
  Between men and women, each other will not produce evil, it would be a little physical contact, but also no problem.
  Mo Yu a heart perseverance, sitting directly next to the white leaves, or sitting in a white leaf